Sunday, May 4, 2008

Let there be light

Before the fun at the first seder, read the post below, we had some fun at home. On shabbat, in our dining room, the light bulb decided to suddenly burn out. I live in the basement and have an air conditioner blocking most of the window so even in the middle of the day having no light is a problem. We use oil and it was still burning during the second meal so we had some light. For the first seder we went to shul, the second seder, however, was going to be a problem.

Around half a year ago, one of the bulbs for the oil got broken. I tried looking in all of the seforim stores in the neighborhood but they were only selling tiny bulbs and the big ones that we use were only available a month before Chanuka. In one store, I was recommended to use the cup for neriot. Now these things are small, ugly and way too thick, so no way. I looked around the house and lo and behold, the solution was standing among my wine and liquor glasses. For Fathers Day, my wife got me two shot glasses with the word dad on them. The shot glasses were a decent size, square and the word dad was in pewter on one side. This was perfect! Until Chanukah I was using a real man's candlestick.

On Pesach, those very useful Fathers Day's presents were put away. Luckily, I had three shot glasses that my mother-in-law brought from Florida that I never managed to toivel and they were never used and were standing in the bookshelf in my son's room. They were round and painted but what can you do. The second meal of first day was spent in front of six candles. For the second seder, I needed a havdolah candle. One shot glass plus oil, plus two wicks, equals one havdolah! We also found seven wax candles and used three at a time for having more light for reading of the haggadah. A can from from palm hearts, turned upside down, was used as a candle holder.

We have two nice, silver candle holders and a glass one. Personally, I prefer the shot glasses to the silver. Not only do they take up a lot less space, but they are truly unique. I'm thinking of getting another square shot glass, preferably same size and style as the ones I have, putting away the silver and always using these man's candlesticks.


  1. You celebrate FATHERS DAY?!

    tsk tsk...that entire concept is goyish, and your son should be honoring and fearing you EVERYday, not just once a year on some random secular holiday made up by hallmark... lol!!!

    Anyway... very creative idea you used getting yourself light :)

  2. So does that mean you honor and fear your parents every day :-P
    Isn't pretty much every holiday made up by hallmark? I do love the way Japanese celebrate Valentine's.

  3. I think that just about every holiday is made up by hallmark, or is encouraged to be kept by hallmark... all those athiests keeping christmas, or generally, many christians didn't even keep christmas cuz it started as a pagan holiday...probably was hallmark...really should look into the history (First i have to make myself care! lol)

    how do the Japanese celebrate Valentines?

  4. Women make home-made chocolate and give it and cards to men and confess their love. In Japan, Valentine's is a man's holiday :-D

  5. Darn Japanesse... why treat men with a holiday like valentines day??

    Women are the ones that do not get enough appreciation!

  6. Well, there's a women holiday called White Day, but it's never shown in any anime...

  7. Moshe: Isn't anime banned or s/t... I mean it must be!! Doesnt it qualify as TV??

    lol :)

  8. It's actually worse but since when have I cared.