Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Easy Money

Chase has an awesome offer. Credit card that gives you 3% back for your top 3 categories for each month. These include grocery stores and gas stations. In addition, you get $50 after your first purchase. I just signed up. This is much better than my Citibank dividends card which only gives 2% and a maximum cashout of $300 per year. I hope Chase doesn't have a limit on how much of your earned cash back you can redeem.


  1. Just wait. CityBank originally was giving 5%, but after three months they changed their policy. We called them to complain, so they changed our account back to 5%. After one year, they changed it again. We called again. We got it back to 5%. Four months later again we received a letter stating that they are perminantly changing their policy and they won't give 5% any more. We called, spoke to a manager and everyone else. They did not budge.

    I expect Chase will play the same game. Watch your returns carefully.

  2. Chase Amazon's been 3% for a while, though I think Amazon also contributes.
    5% is a lot so that's not really a surprise. My main concern is that they gonna limit how much you can get back per year as CitiBank does.

  3. probably, check the fine print.

  4. I mean instead of getting cash back.
    Like now with American Express I have Hilton Honors so I get points toward free hotel nights. That's what my family has been doing for a bunch of years. Then Chol Hamoed and in the summer we get to stay by hotels for free in far places so we don't have to rush to get back home, we can spend a few days in one place.