Friday, September 25, 2009

Sometimes the customer is right

The Jewish Side introduced me to the awesomeness that is Not Always Right.  The site is a collection of stories submitted by tech support, store employees, etc. about idiot customers.  The stories usually include location and city/state/country.

I came upon one interesting story.  I'm pretty surprised close to 800 people gave this a thumbs up...

That’s Nothing A Little Duct Tape Can’t Fix

Customer: “I want a computer where I can type in Russian and it will print in English.”
Me: “Sir, I’m afraid we don’t have Russian keyboards.”
Customer: “No, that’s fine. I’ll just tape Russian letters on.”
Me: “Sir, it will still be an English keyboard.”
Customer: “Okay, so what if I glue the letters on?”
Me: *thunk thunk thunk* “Still English.”

Now here's an example where the customer is right while the salesperson or whoever submitted this is a moron.  Keyboard is an input device that has letters glued on it.  There is no such thing as an English keyboard, the keyboard doesn't send letters to the computer, or even codes of letters.  The keyboard sends the location of key pressed. In Windows, there are files which map keys pressed to letters.  These can be in any language as long as you install it.  More so, you can even reassign letters to different keys.  In my Russian keyboard, letters are assigned based on what they sound like.

I really hope this wasn't the owner of the place...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Web Comics/Manga

I've been putting this off for a while, mostly because some of these are hard to categorize.  Instead, here they are in alphabetical order:

Alien Dice - sci-fi, cute animals, girl meets alien boy
AppleGeeks - sci-fi, gaming, cyborg girl, comedy
Blip - fantasy, demons, angels, witches, cyborgs, vampires, all rolled into a comedy
Candi - slice of life, comedy, college
Charliehorse - comedy, succubus summoned to help a guy get a date, sometimes borderline NSFW
Ctrl + Alt + Del - gaming, insanely funny, robots, parody
Ctrl + Alt + Del: Sillies - a more insane daily version of the above
DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary - slice of life, comedy, occasionally NSFW
Devil's Panties - slice of life, comedy
Dilbert - if you don't know what this is, you suck
The Dreamland Chronicles - fantasy, dreamland, comedy, 3D
El Goonish Shive - sci-fi, furries, comedy, fantasy
Errant Story - fantasy, elves, half-elves, comedy
Faans - sci-fi, fantasy, secret organizations
Flipside - fantasy, occasionally NSFW
Get Fuzzy - syndicated, talking cat and dog, somewhat anti republican but still funny
Girls with Slingshots - slice of life, comedy
Girly - fantasy, slice of life, comedy, sometimes borderline NSFW
Kevin & Kell - slice of life, comedy, world of talking animals with a wolf married to a rabbit
Marilith - female assassins, enough said
Least I Could Do - slice of insanity and comedy
Lizzy - sci-fi, cyberpunk, FLASH, occasionally NSFW
The Lounge: Sexy, Cute, and Purrific - slice of life, comedy, occasionally borderline NSFW
MegaTokyo - slice of life, fantasy, sci-fi
Menage a 3 - slice of life, comedy, frequently NSFW
Misfile - slice of life, racing, fantasy, comedy
Moose Head Stew - slice of life, comedy
The Noob Comic - gaming, mmorpg parody, comedy
Off The Mark - syndicated, parody
Okashina Okashi - sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, occasionally borderline NSFW
Otaku no Yen - slice of life, comedy
Over the Hedge - syndicated, comedy, talking animals
Penny and Aggie - slice of life, comedy, drama
Penny Arcade - gaming, comedy, parody
Pinky TA - sci-fi, occasionally borderline NSFW
PvPonline - gaming, fantasy, friendly ogre, parody, comedy
Questionable Content - slice of life, comedy, robots
Sherman's Lagoon - syndicated, talking fish, comedy
Sinfest - fantasy, parody, occasionally borderline NSFW
Sore Thumbs - fantasy, comedy, occasionally borderline NSFW
Trying Human - sci-fi, comedy, greys, occasionally NSFW - tech support, fantasy, comedy
VG Cats - gaming, parody, comedy
Wapsi Square - slice of life, fantasy, mythology, comedy
Weregeek - gaming, slice of life, comedy
xkcd - no one can be told what the xkcd really is, you have to see it for yourself
The Zombie Hunters - fantasy, zombies
Zortic - sci-fi, parody, comedy