Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trojan-Clicker.Win32.Delf.cbe - xaayvkjr.dll

Kaspersky was happy to tell me that it detected a virus that it can't do anything about and windows rebooted midscan. Spybot and AdAware couldn't get rid of this thing either. Ran in safemode, file deleted on reboot, file back again. Strangely, couldn't find the filename in the registry. Ran HijackThis and it showed 2 weird entries for qxwtawj.dll.

Solution, at least worked so far, is to boot into ubuntu, rename both files to .bak, not sure if qxwtawj is a virus or not and can't find anything on google so remained it instead of deleting. Booted into windows, no alerts from kaspersky and xaaykvjr has not reappeared.

In the registry, qxwtawj appears under winlogon in uiphazue and another location. I wasn't able to delete either entry even using regassassin and regseeker. Finally got rid of the winlogon entry by running ComboFix. You can get it here, here, or here.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fraud phone numbers

Just got a call from 829-322-2967. Several calls with the person hanging up if I picked up.
If you get a call from this number, do not call back. The number is a 900 pay per minute number and when you call back the scammer will try to keep you on the line as long as possible.

Here's a list of fraud/spam numbers that will either try to get you to call back or will tell you you won something and they need to charge you for shipping:
  • 829-322-2967 - pay per minute
  • 770-308-4054 - tries to get your credit card number
  • 777-555-2254 - tries to get your credit card number

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tomāto Tomäto

Recently I got an idea to write a post about one of my credit cards and maybe earn some money with it.  I used the bank's internal messaging system to ask them if they have an affiliate program.
This is the message I got in response:

We are writing in response to your recent inquiry.

We would like to inform you that, Chase is affiliated with
various programs. However, if you would like information
about a specific program please provide more details for
us to assist you further.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center.

Thank you,

Reshma Parswanathaiah
E-Mail Customer Service Representative

Are you #$%@ kidding me?!  Affiliate and affiliated is not the same word you moron!  If you don't know something, google it instead of sending back some retarded response.

Am I gonna call and complain?  I plan too.  Then again I'm reaaaaaally lazy.  But I am planning to...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Being Jewish

From email from Harry's Black Hole:

Being Jewish.
Q: What is a Jewish menage-a-trois
A: Two headaches and an erection.

Q: Why did Adam and Eve have a perfect marriage?
A: He didn't have to hear about all the men she could have married, and she didn't have to hear about the way his mother cooked.

Q: How does a Jewish wife cheat on her husband?
A: She has a headache with the postman.

Q: What business is a yenta in?
A: Yours.

Q: What is a Jewish nymphomaniac?
A: A wife who does her hair and sleeps with her husband on the same day.

Q: How do Jewish wives get their children ready for supper?
A: They put them in the car.

Q: What is the technical term for a divorced Jewish woman?
A: Plaintiff.

Q: What does a Jewish woman do to keep her hands soft and her nails long?
A: Nothing at all.

Q: Define 'genius'
A: An average student with a Jewish mother.

Q: If Tarzan and Jane were Jewish, what would Cheetah be?
A: A fur coat.

Q: What do you call someone who enjoys work and refuses to retire?
A: A meshuggener.

Q: What do you call the nipple on a Jewish wife's breast?
A: The tip of the iceberg.

Q: What mechanical device causes the most arousal in a Jewish woman?
A: A Mercedes Benz 500SL convertible.

Jewish proverb: 'A Jewish wife will forgive and forget, but she'll never forget what she forgave.'

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I was adding bridal registry functionality to CartWeaver 3 and was wondering if MySQL, the site is running on ColdFusion with MySQL, has something similar to T-SQL's MERGE. Not only does it have, but the code looks a lot more elegant. One thing to remember though, is that you must set cart/registry user id + sku/product id as UNIQUE.
Here's how this works. You do your regular insert and at the end add a ON DUPLICATE KEY:
INSERT INTO tbl_registryproducts(reguserid, skuid, qty)
       ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE qty = qty + #form.qty#
That's it. One line and you're done. And yes, I know I should be using cfqueryparam, but that would make this example a lot longer and a lot less readable.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ban #23940 - Biblical names

It is assur to give your children names from Torah because goyim do it too. You should only give your children Yiddish names, otherwise they'll go off the derech and intermarry with goyim with biblical names whom they will find on FaceBook.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nachas Nachos™

Have you ever wished for some nachos when people wished you nachas from your kids?
Now, you can have both!

Introducing the new printable Nachas Nachos™.
For the low price $499.99, your children's school can purchase the amazing Nachas Nachos™ printer that will allow them to print your children's report cards on these delicious Nachas Nachos™!

Now you can have your nachas and eat them too!