Monday, May 12, 2008

Text Twirl

Having trouble with Text Twirl? Here are some combos that you can quickly enter at the beginning of your round:

tea eat ate eta, teas eats ates seat
spa asp sap pas, spas asps saps pass
are era ear, ares eras ears sear, sera
art rat tar, arts rats tars star tsar
top pot opt, opts post pots spot stop tops
pat tap apt, pats taps apts spat
sup pus ups, sups puss
sue use, sues uses, sued used dues
tin nit, tins nits
bin nib, bins nibs
tan ant, tans ants
ten net, tens nets
ore roe, ores roes
doe ode, does odes
lie lei, lies leis
ale lea, ales leas sale
car arc, cars arcs scar
bar bra, bars bras
eon one, eons ones
tin nit, tins nits
fer ref, refs
dos sod, sods
ash has
hes she


  1. I always see you playing this game.

    I tried it once and couldn't think of enough words, so thanx this post will be helpful!

    btw, can you fix the link on your blogroll from the old "Jewish Side of Me" to the new one. Thanx!