Sunday, December 18, 2011

Foursquare troll

Have started using foursquare and within a month, someone is already ruining the fun for me.  Have managed to get four mayorships and, as part of normal use, have ousted what turned out to be a foursquare troll.  A certain Steef J, aka Steef Jacobson, aka Stephen Steef Jacobson has decided that only he is allowed to be mayor and, after spamming checkins at the venue from which I ousted him, started going after all other venues where I have ever checked in to remove me from mayorship and/or prevent me from becoming a mayor.  How do I know this?  I accepted his friend request and have noticed that he's even checking in at my shul and my son's day care and doing it several times per day and when the venues are closed.
Have now defriended and reported him for abuse to foursquare.  Hope they disable his account as he seems to be going after other people too.

Checking in at multiple locations at the same time and thanks to twitter can track his obnoxious behavior:!/_steef_

And here he is on foursquare:
A Jewish, religious, guy is a mayor at a church? Really?

And he's on facebook too:

Using foursquare? Make sure you don't friend this psycho, or same can happen to you.

UPDATE - 12/19
This guy seems to be doing this to other people to as he's checking in at 4 to 8 different location, within seconds of each checkin and doing this several times per day.  If Steef is harassing you too, email, give them his username, _steef_ and your username or id and let them know that he's spamming fake checkin in order to remove/prevent you from becoming a mayor.

UPDATE 10/7/12
So the akachan ningen (kidult) is at again.  Apparently I went shopping when it was his time of the month.
I'm amazed someone actually married this idiot.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Excel - Concatenate range

Not as pretty as a custom function, but gets the job done.
To concatenate all values in range A2:A100, place the following formula into B2 and drag/fill it down to B100.
If you want to concatenate all values in a range on the condition that there's a 1 in column B:
To avoid the , or 0 at the beginning, in the first cell that should have a value, enter the value manually and copy the formula to the cell below it.