Monday, December 23, 2013

Storage and manufacture of ammo in NYC

After all of the speculation and questions on gun forums about storage of ammo in New York City, decided to look things up myself before considering reloading. Emailed FDNY from their site. Got a reply from Deputy Chief Inspector, who recommended I call their Explosives division at 718-999-1594, 718-999-1595 or 718-999-2710. At first, was told that FDNY doesn't allow/issue permits for storage in a private residence. After telling the inspector that it's for personal use, he said that FDNY doesn't care what you do in a private residence for personal, non-business, use. FDNY regulates businesses only. For personal, private, use, what you have in your private residence falls under NYPD, not FDNY. So, as long as you have a gun permit, you're all set.
Regardless, section 3306 of the NYC fire code, states that the 200 round regulation applies only to R-3 occupancies, which are kindergartens and assisted living homes and most definitely not regular private residencies.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New slogans for NYC MTA

  • MTA, we're there, only when you're not.
  • MTA, sometimes faster than walking.
  • When you have time to spare, choose MTA.
  • MTA, at least we're faster than USPS.

Monday, August 5, 2013

A modern major-general

When I can tell at sight a Mauser rifle from a Javelin.

Jacki Kuhls of NYAGV. Couldn't get 1 single thing right.

This man sure loves the number 30. Also seems to have a ghost brain.

Tanks have rifles which shoot nuclear bombs.
Well there goes my theory that the anti-gun lobby gets its info from Hollywood.

Who needs geography when you got an AR-15!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A good man with his hands

Not particularly overburdened intellectually, Erkum was huge, even by Mardukan standards, and "a good man with his hands" as long as the target was in reach of hand weapon. Give him a gun, and the safest place to be was between him and the enemy.
Weber, D. & Ringo, J We Few  14.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Facebook Rummikub

Help find this racist.
In public chat, she posted "as long as the wetback and the fucking jew..."
Then she sent me the following in private chat: "mother fucking jew", "Hitler #1", "only good jew is a dead one"
Name: Dawn Banks
Age: 32
Birthday: 7/11/1980
Location: United States when looking at profile, but Dominican Republic was displayed above player on mouseover.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Castleville Outranked / One Up bug

Many, many people have had issues with the Outranked / One Up mission in Castleville. Using a Gloom Dragon Potion would produce a warning that "You already have one gloom dragon in your kingdom". Meanwhile, activating Myrick's Flask would produce no results.

I have posted on both Zynga forums, submitted their google docs form, waited for weeks for a reply and all with no results. Meanwhile the bug report post has grown to over 200 comments of people having the same exact problem.

I noticed, among the comments, a moderator saying to send a DM on twitter and that's exactly what I tried.
I sent the following to @ZyngaSupport
"castleville, outranked/one up, can't summon dragon, can't defeat dragon supposedly already there. uid [uid]"

In less than 3 hours the issue was fixed!
I got my uid from this page.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shotgun/Rifle permit in NYC

Contrary to popular belief, getting a shotgun/rifle permit in New York City is not hard any even non-citizens can get one.

First, you need to fill out some forms which can be found here. Download the forms, fill them out except for signatures and then print them out. You will need to bring original IDs, 4 passport photos, and some of the forms will need to be notorized while one form will require a witness. Photos should be no older than a month.

Once you have all of the necessary paperwork, you will have a choice of either going to 1 Police Plaza in downtown Manhattan or Rifle/Shotgun Section in Kew Gardens, Queens. Both locations are open until 8pm on Monday, but, waiting in line and processing may take over an hour. Both locations had problems with their fingerprint scanner. However, 1 Police Plaza is bigger and actually has an IT division to fix things same day. 1 Police Plaza is also a lot easier to get to unless you live in Kew Gardens.

If you decide to apply at 1 Police Plaza and are taking the subway, don't follow google maps as the directions you get are wrong. Go to the corner of Chambers St and Centre St and face the building marked Manhattan Borough President. It's on Centre St, has columns in front and a tunnel in the middle. You should see a red statue through the tunnel. Walk past the statue to the small building on the right with "Welcome to Police Headquarters" on it. You will need to walk through a metal detector so make sure your pockets are not filled with too much metal junk. Go to the back wall and take a picture of yourself for the pass. Walk out the back door and to the revolving door across. Get your pass on the left, walk past and all the way to the right. Licensing section is right near the public bathroom.

Rifle/Shotgun section is easier to find since the building is right next to the subway station. Go in through the main entrance, go through the metal detector and to the elevator across. No need to get a pass. Take the elevator to B and follow directions to licensing.

Application approval, for me, took two and a half months. It would've probably taken less time if not for the screw up at 1 Police Plaza because they're not sure how to process rifle/shotgun applications. On the other hand, at least their finger print scanner was working.

Once you're approved, you'll get a notification to go pick up your permit for the Rifle/Shotgun Section in Queens. I took a car service going there and subway going back. From Brooklyn, both took about same time as the car service had trouble getting there even with GPS and charged $35+tip. I'd say you're better off taking the subway. When I was there, a guy who was applying was told to come back in a week because their finger print scanner was broken. Good thing I went to 1 Police Plaza to apply as getting there takes a lot less time.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tilapia and potatoes in tomato sauce

New Pesach, new recipe. Few ingredients and can use frozen fish.

1lb frozen tilapia
1 medium can tomato sauce
2~3 large potatoes
Salt and whole black pepper to taste

Into a saucepan, dump tomato sauce (can be diluted with water), add salt and pepper, add frozen tilapia and bring to a boil. Simmer until fish is fully cooked. Remove fish and add potatoes, cut into triangles. Simmer until potatoes are tender and meanwhile, break up the tilapia fillets into small pieces. After potatoes are cooked, mix in the fish and serve.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Anti-Semites on FaceBook

Newest addition: Hank Cardinal

List of possibly American anti-semites on FaceBook:

Austin Chapa (Winter Part, FL)

Gabriel Perurena (Austin, TX)

Hank Cardinal (Saddle Lake, Alberta, Canada)
Owner of Dr. Hank's Hrebal Remedies

John Matthew Taylor (South Jersey, NJ)

Ken Robin Johnson (Stavanger, Norway)

Morgan Launikitis

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zerlina Maxwell's solution to rape

Zerlina Maxwell, yet another Liberal with an ingenious solution to the rape problem. How do you stop a rape? Very simple, you just have to tell the man not to rape you and he won't. Zerlina, I think you've been watching too much Dora the Explorer.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sadistic Russian poetry

  • Дети в подвале играли в больницу —
    Умер от родов сантехник Синицын.

    Kids in the basement were totally bored
    Decided to role play maternity ward
    Plumber Senitzin screamed for all he was worth
    Died he, unfortunately, while giving birth
  • Дети в подвале играли в гестапо —
    Зверски замучен сантехник Потапов.

    Kids in the basement were playing Gestapo.
    Tortured to death was plumber Potapov.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Gun Control Brooklyn

There's a great website,, which emails you every day about crimes committed within 5 miles of your address. NYC (New York City) already had one of the toughest gun control laws thanks to Bloomberg, which has been made even worse by Cuomo and Joseph Lentol Stalin. Cuomo decided that 10 rounds is too many for the common people and guns should only have 7 bullets. Being the idiot that he is, he also forgot to exempt cops. He also made up his own assault weapons ban which is even stricter than the federal one, even though less than 1% of all murders have been committed using assault weapons.
So far, the only thing that has effectively prevented gun related deaths in NY is the cold weather of 2013. A record of 0 deaths in a whole week.

There's a severe lack of up to date statistical data, especially about crimes committed using firearms but without fatalities. Let's see how well criminals obey the law. Out of plain laziness, I will only post those firearm related crimes which are emailed to me by spotcrime.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The right of the people to weaponize their kitchen, shall not be infringed.

Though these may be illegal in United States' public schools, they're not yet banned by Obama. And best of all, amazon will ship them to New York City.

First we have this 12 round AK-47 magazine from Southern Homewares.  A single-sided entry level choice for those on a budget. Personally, I wouldn't get this. It's more than 10 rounds and will soon be banned and is made of flimsy material.

My preferred choice is this 10 round AK-47 magazine. Still legal even with Obama's plans for world domination. Though if you live in New York, courtesy of Comrade Cuomo and Joseph Lentol Stalin, you may need to permanently block three holes. Now, while this is a bit expensive, it's made of quality material and is double sided ensuring proper bullet retention. Get two or three of these to ensure you don't run out of bullets at a critical time.

Need to send a message? These 12 gauge shot glasses will deliver it for you. Plastic, with a metal base, these come in a pack of four. Need more, buy two, just remember that using more than 5+1 at once is illegal.

Bringing friends? This Fred & Friends Freeze Handgun-Shaped Ice-Cube Tray will make sure you and two to five of your friends are armed and ready for action. Comes with a handy carrying handle.

All this talk of gun control bringing you down? Stick it to the man and leave him shitfaced with this Obama toilet paper from Big Mouth Toys. If you can't personally impeach him, at least you can flush him down the toilet.