Monday, December 31, 2012

Competitively incompetent

"I wonder, sometimes, which of you is the least competent," he said abruptly. "The competition is so fierce I can't make up my mind between you."

Weber, D. War Maid's Choice 2.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

X-Mas misadventures

The morning started off great with the realization that I forgot to buy more milk for kids' breakfast. While Shlomo was getting dressed, I ran out to get milk, fortunately without any lines.

After shipping the kids off to their respective schools, no bus by the way, the plan was to go to Pavilion Theater and use my expiring soon groupon to watch Monsters Inc. 3D at 11:25. Since I was the only one awake that early, the trip got moved off to the 1:30 showing.

Out of the house and on Coney Island waiting for B68. Twenty minutes later, at 1pm, the bus shows up and is actually making great time until it gets to Church Ave at which point it stops. Waiting...waiting...waiting...finally the bus driver announces that we're waiting for the next bus driver who, being a good union employee, is now over 10 minutes late. The bus driver announces that he has no idea where the other driver is but there's another B68 coming up and we should all get off and board that one.

We finally make it to the movie theater with a few minutes to spare when I look at the movie poster and realize that this is not a sequel, but a 3D version of the original movie. Don't want to see any of the other movies which are playing and because Pavilion is so small, they're anyway hours away.

Google "showtimes 10003", Parental Guidance at AMC Kips Bay at 2:30! Off to F we go. F local is so slow, but we still got time. B'way-Lafayette is showing Downtown 6 transfer only? We'll see about that. Interesting...apparently going up and down stairs and walking doesn't count as a transfer according to the MTA. 5 minutes until the next uptown 6. 4...3...delay...delay...delay...train goes by without stopping...6 minutes?! Yeah, not gonna happen. But, the 6 stops at Union Sq which is near kosher food and both AMC and Regal.

We walk to Regal...2:30 showing...perfect! $14 for a ticket?! Wasn't it $12.50 a couple months ago? Movie theater is packed so end up sitting in 4th row. Movie was fun, though you may need to be a parent to really enjoy it.

It's now 4:30, we left the house at 12:30, and now we're hungry. Fortunately, University Pita is 2 blocks away. Unfortunately, because of the fast on Sunday and the long weekend, they're closed! Went home and stopped by Mountain Fruit to get some non-Chinese Food takeout.

At least/unfortunately didn't get into a fight with anyone at this outing.