Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mobile web - image width

If you have very wide images, they are treated differently by Android and iPhone. Android will make the text full width and will have the image sticking out past the text. iPhone, on the other hand, will scale everything to the width of the widest image.

To make your text take up all available space, add the following to your mobile css file:
img {max-width:100%;height:auto !important;}
You need to enforce height in case the image has height set, which will cause it to loose aspect ratio.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Voter Fraud contact info

Voting machines across the country are changing votes from Romney to Obama and Obama to Romney depending on who's listed first. First checkbox is overlapping the top of the second checkbox. If you're voting against Obama, even if you're not voting for Romney, first make sure that your voting machine is operating correctly. If it's not, take a picture or video with your phone and call 1-800-253-3931 and/or email and/or submit a complaint form

Cases of voter fraud in Brooklyn, NY:

  1. Upon inquiry about how to work the new voting machine, the voting booth attendant has repeatedly tried to trick my father and I to vote for Obama/Biden. The blind woman in front of us has unsuspectingly voted for Obama/Biden due to the same attendant's help.
  2. my co-worker told me that her mother was voting in coney island and was told by the person near the scanner that she ruined the paper and she has to choose "here" (obama) and when she said "no, it's ok, i made my choice", she was told the scanner won't take it.