Monday, December 31, 2012

Competitively incompetent

"I wonder, sometimes, which of you is the least competent," he said abruptly. "The competition is so fierce I can't make up my mind between you."

Weber, D. War Maid's Choice 2.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

X-Mas misadventures

The morning started off great with the realization that I forgot to buy more milk for kids' breakfast. While Shlomo was getting dressed, I ran out to get milk, fortunately without any lines.

After shipping the kids off to their respective schools, no bus by the way, the plan was to go to Pavilion Theater and use my expiring soon groupon to watch Monsters Inc. 3D at 11:25. Since I was the only one awake that early, the trip got moved off to the 1:30 showing.

Out of the house and on Coney Island waiting for B68. Twenty minutes later, at 1pm, the bus shows up and is actually making great time until it gets to Church Ave at which point it stops. Waiting...waiting...waiting...finally the bus driver announces that we're waiting for the next bus driver who, being a good union employee, is now over 10 minutes late. The bus driver announces that he has no idea where the other driver is but there's another B68 coming up and we should all get off and board that one.

We finally make it to the movie theater with a few minutes to spare when I look at the movie poster and realize that this is not a sequel, but a 3D version of the original movie. Don't want to see any of the other movies which are playing and because Pavilion is so small, they're anyway hours away.

Google "showtimes 10003", Parental Guidance at AMC Kips Bay at 2:30! Off to F we go. F local is so slow, but we still got time. B'way-Lafayette is showing Downtown 6 transfer only? We'll see about that. Interesting...apparently going up and down stairs and walking doesn't count as a transfer according to the MTA. 5 minutes until the next uptown 6. 4...3...delay...delay...delay...train goes by without stopping...6 minutes?! Yeah, not gonna happen. But, the 6 stops at Union Sq which is near kosher food and both AMC and Regal.

We walk to Regal...2:30 showing...perfect! $14 for a ticket?! Wasn't it $12.50 a couple months ago? Movie theater is packed so end up sitting in 4th row. Movie was fun, though you may need to be a parent to really enjoy it.

It's now 4:30, we left the house at 12:30, and now we're hungry. Fortunately, University Pita is 2 blocks away. Unfortunately, because of the fast on Sunday and the long weekend, they're closed! Went home and stopped by Mountain Fruit to get some non-Chinese Food takeout.

At least/unfortunately didn't get into a fight with anyone at this outing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mobile web - image width

If you have very wide images, they are treated differently by Android and iPhone. Android will make the text full width and will have the image sticking out past the text. iPhone, on the other hand, will scale everything to the width of the widest image.

To make your text take up all available space, add the following to your mobile css file:
img {max-width:100%;height:auto !important;}
You need to enforce height in case the image has height set, which will cause it to loose aspect ratio.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Voter Fraud contact info

Voting machines across the country are changing votes from Romney to Obama and Obama to Romney depending on who's listed first. First checkbox is overlapping the top of the second checkbox. If you're voting against Obama, even if you're not voting for Romney, first make sure that your voting machine is operating correctly. If it's not, take a picture or video with your phone and call 1-800-253-3931 and/or email and/or submit a complaint form

Cases of voter fraud in Brooklyn, NY:

  1. Upon inquiry about how to work the new voting machine, the voting booth attendant has repeatedly tried to trick my father and I to vote for Obama/Biden. The blind woman in front of us has unsuspectingly voted for Obama/Biden due to the same attendant's help.
  2. my co-worker told me that her mother was voting in coney island and was told by the person near the scanner that she ruined the paper and she has to choose "here" (obama) and when she said "no, it's ok, i made my choice", she was told the scanner won't take it.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Don't get left in the dark

Hurricane Sandy left some people homeless and a lot of people without power.  According to Con Ed, it will take four days to restore power to lower Manhattan and others can be without power for at least a week.

Stocking up on candles and regular batteries is both expensive and may not be enough as neither is a renewable resource. Also, neither will help you with having a working cell phone and access to the internet.

Hand Crank Radios
Get a hand crank radio. All of these can be charged by hand or using sunlight. All of them have an LED flashlight and also a USB port for charging your cell phone. Unlike batteries, once the charge on your radio runs down, wind it several times and you again have access to the news and light.

USB Pocket Chargers
While these will not provide you with a continuous charge and have to be charged beforehand, they're compact and will fit in your pocket or purse. These are also useful for when you want to use your phone for watching movies or playing games but will not have access to continuous power to charge your device.

An uninterruptible power supply or UPS is heavy, bulky and not cheap so why should you have one? Depending on output of the UPS and power requirements of your computer, they can keep your computer running for at least 15 minutes. They can be set up to turn your computer off safely in case of power loss. Unlike surge protectors, they will protect your equipment from spikes. In case of prolonged blackouts, once your computer is off, they can be used to charge your cell phone.

Fire and Flood restoration
If you did get flooded, get a professional. Nicole of Home Clean Home (HCH) will make sure your home is dry and mold free. HCH services most of NY, up to Albany, and will bring their own generators if your power has not been restored.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Метро 2033 - Правила Игры

Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

Арбатская конфедерация Полис 6 Карта заданий
Бандиты Защита армии +1 +2 патрона
Бауманский альянс Атака героя +1 Карта снаряжения
Конфедерация 1905 года Голосование +3 +2 гриба
Красная линия Победа 9 +2 свиньи
Четвертый рейх Атака армии +1 Армия 3

Анна 3/3 Переходы 0
Артём 3/2 Атака нейтральной, выбор угроз
Мельник 3/2 +1 снаряжение
Саша 3/2 +1 ресурс на ГАНЗЕ или станцие фракции
Хан 3/3 Снаряжения, задания, ресурсы на станцие фракции
Хантер 3/3 Не пропускает фазу

Боевая колода
Манёвры +1
Марш-бросок Атака +2
Контратака Защита +2
Вылазка раведчиков Атака +1 +3 против защит
Засада в туннелях Защита +1 +3 против атак
Осада Атака +0 +4 оритув защит
Глухая оборона Защита +0 +4 против атак

Фаза 1 - События
Угроза из туннелей
Начаная с первого, выбрать станцию и метод отражения.
Первый открывает угрозу.

Фаза 3 - Действия Армий
Атака станции
Соседние станции, через переход, перегон или не больше одного перегона по ГАНЗЕ.
Атака героя
Только на своей или соседней станцие.
Покупка снаряжения
Поменять карты, 1 патрон.
Взять 2, выбрать 1.

Этап 2
6 очков. До 3 снаряжения. Взять 2, выбрать 1.
Захват станции
Нейтральная - 1 гриб, 1 свинья
Чужая - 1 гриб

Не выполненое, сбросить и использовать свойство.
Выполненое, 1 патрон.

Проигрыш армии, -1
Проигрыш героя против нейтральной, ранение.
Проигрыш героя против бражеской, ранение и потеря снаряжения.
Проигрыш героя против героя, ренение и победитель заберает снаряжение.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Undocumented features in ColdFusion 10

  1. If you're using url rewrite, your cgi.path_info will be empty.
  2. cffile and fileupload are now not supporting wildcards for mime type.  image/* will now throw an error , The MIME type or the Extension of the uploaded file image/jpeg was not accepted by the server, if a jpeg is uploaded.
  3. cfimage info will now throw an error if you try to use it with https.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Drug testing of Florida's welfare recipients

Isn't it fun arguing with Liberals?  Refute them with facts and watch their heads explode, spewing out Communist/Socialist propaganda.

I've recently re-posted on Facebook a picture of the following text:
Thank you Florida, Kentucky, and Missouri, which are the first States that will require drug test when applying for welfare.  Some people are crying and calling this unconstitutional.  How is this unconstitutional??? It's OK to drug test people who work for their money, but not for those who don't?... Re-post this if you'd like to see this done in all 50 states.  If you can afford to buy drugs and extra illegal things then you can afford your own groceries.

The above was then re-posted by a friend and what follows is an exchange between one of his liberal friends and me.

lib: The stats on welfare recipients who test positive show it is very, very few. In FL, 7% of the general public uses ( but only 2% of tested welfare recipients. The cost/benefit analysis doesn't support this practice - which, let's be honest, is just a scapegoat. With this logic, every citizen who benefits from tax money should be tested - anyone who uses a public road, city park, attends a school, uses tap water, etc.

me: Where do you see that 2% of welfare recipients tested positive?

lib: The state lost tens of thousands of dollars testing. Ironic that the force behind wanting these tests are people who claim they want less govt waste. I'm not a fan of drug use. I'm a fan of pragmatism.

me: 108 of the 4,086 people who took a drug test failed.
Florida had 87,632 welfare recipients in 2008 and 74,994 in 2007.

lib: I don't care of 100% of those who took a drug test failed. Everyone benefits from taxes spent and if there's moralizing to be done, apply the test to everyone and then take away their access to roads, libraries, clean water, plumbing, education, swingsets, etc. Sounds like a farce to me but people need their scapegoats, I guess. Personally, I think there are far more pressing issues and waste to tackle.

The pathetic thing is that if you google welfare and Florida, google is flooded with news posts about these 4,086.  Now anyone with a brain would find that number to be extremely strange considering Florida's population and the recent collapse of Florida's real estate and construction industry.  Unless you're a liberal that is, then only the percent matters, not the sample size.  A few sources did indicate that several thousand people chose to drop out rather than be tested.  Now the real question is what would happen if all the 90+ thousand people were tested instead of a small sample and without allowing people to refuse.

The real entertaining part was her last comment.  Now while I'm for legalizing marijuana, I'm for having it taxed same as alcohol and cigarettes and having it raise money for the government.  What I'm not for is higher taxes due to fraud and unchecked spending.  Everyone benefits from taxes spent?  How about not burning hard working people's money and instead lowering taxes?  Apply the test to everyone? It already is applied to a lot of government employees.  Take away access to roads?  Already being done.  Though the point liberals/communists/socialist don't seem to get is the difference between using your own money to buy drugs and using someone else's money.  And it's not only the tax payers' money they're misusing.  They're taking money away from people who are on welfare because of need and they're taking money away from other government programs.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Limmud FSU 2012

This weekend we went to Limmud FSU which was held at Princeton Marriott at Forrestal.
My initial reason for going, I'm a cheap Jew and this event was kosher, Friday to Sunday, $140 per person, kids under 10 free and there was a children's program.  Now, while apparently not all Marriotts are created equal and this one had no free internet and a lousy phone reception, there was all you can eat Benny's meat and all you can eat sushi and it don't get better than that.  Though the hotel had this cute rustic feel to it.

Some of the lectures I liked, some I didn't and the half assed scheduling was definitely a problem.  Mincha was not on the schedule at all, Saturday Shacharit was 1 hour, wtf, on the schedule and Sunday was also 1 hour.  And with eating, praying and lecture being at the same time, I missed a few I really wanted to go to.  Another damn annoying "feature" was eating in 2 groups, hour each, and getting put, with kids, into second group.

Academy Awards Acting Workshop with Hanoch Gutfreund, which I unfortunately mostly missed because of the Saturday Shacharit and breakfast was actually about meditation and self hypnosis and was very interesting.

Judaism and Homosexuality: Myths and Facts with Jay Michaelson, I almost fell asleep at.  I kept waiting for the guy to get to the Judaism part but he kept saying nothing relevant for 40 minutes and seemed to be more knowledgeable in the New Testament than Judaism.  And of course used the typical Gay/Liberal agenda of talking only about key points which may support his claim and ignoring everything else.  Also had to steal from Shmuley Boteach.

Image of Russian and Russian emigrants in USA with Anna Sergeeva & Lilia Zakirova was seriously a joke.  I felt kinda bad for the girls actually as they were up the creek without a paddle, had no idea what they were doing and why and their whole mission seems to be ridiculous and pointless.  How to present Russia in a better light to American businessmen.  Well, you can't because you can't actually vote out Putin and unlike China, Russia is not stable and not very interested in American money.  And they kept trying to imply that America's view of Russia impacts badly on Americans' view of Russian immigrants.

Jewish Eating Habits/Traditions, are they Healthy with Yakov Aidlin.  Very animated and funny speaker who presented many interesting points about people's eating habits and obesity.  Had a lot of fun listening to this guy.

Kosher Sex with Shmuley Boteach.  I don't think anything needs to be said about this lecture.  Room was packed like no other lecture and the guy is ROFLMAO every 5 minutes hilarious.

Limmud Gala, featuring Mira Stroika and Iryna Rosenfeld.  Well, Iryna's music is not really my type and Mira's only liked one of the songs.  Organizers thanked sponsors, talked about Einstein and showed previous of 2 movies.  One, looked funny and something I might be interested in watching, depending on the ending.  The other's about holocaust and I don't watch tragic movies.  The Gala was following by wine tasting and free wine is free wine.

Sunday I tried to make it to the Martial Arts with Alexandr Rosenfeld, which I missed on Saturday because of the shacharit plus breakfast.  I managed to only come for the last half hour and was then called in the middle by the mother of one of Shlomo's classmates about a playdate.  Did I mention Princeton Marriott has awful reception?  In the half hour or less for which I was present, I, ironically, saw application of Upper Block and Outside Middle Block from Tora Dojo used against knife attacks to disarm the opponent.

The last lecture I managed to get to was Head-on! Sculpture Workshop with Grigory Gurevich.  Loved it, loved it, loved it!  My head, picture included, may have looked like some kind of alien and the workshop should really have been 2 hours instead of a rushed 1 hour, but it was fun.  Now I have this 2lb, lopsided clay head which can be used to bludgeon somebody to death.

Leah went to a couple of history lectures which she loved.

Did I enjoy Limmud FSU 2012? Absolutely!  Though I hope next time they schedule things better and actually get the presenter's input on how much time and how much space are needed.

And to the Rabbi who woke up early Sunday morning, davened, took all of the siddurim and ran off leaving us without a minyan or siddurim for the scheduled 8am shacharit, you suck.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Make your fridge PUR

For several years I had a Brita pitcher.  I got it on sale at Walgreens and at first I liked it, but as time went on, the thing became more and more annoying. It was round, had no cover over the spout and the filters tended to regurgitate pieces of coal into the top reservoir.  Looking at Amazon, Brita got their act together and are now making slender pitchers with covered spouts.  However, the filters still look the same.

A month ago, I finally got rid of my Brita pitcher and started looking for something better.  What I ended up buying was a PUR 18 Cup Dispenser.  Ergonomically, this thing is great. It holds 1.125 gallons and is only 5.5" wide (9.75" high and 15" deep).  Brita's offering, on the other hand, holds 1.13 gallons and is a whole 9" wide (7.25" high and 14" deep)!  I don't know about others, but I don't have room in my fridge for this misshapen monstrosity.

PUR filters, while I'm not qualified to compare effectiveness, are, externally, better designed and better looking than Brita's.  While Brita's pale filters dispensed coal, PUR's sexy, blue filters are open only at the very top, keeping the coal from floating out.  This more enclosed design, however, in no way hampers the flow of water and no water is left in the top reservoir.

My PUR dispenser stands in the corner of the top shelf of my fridge.  It doesn't take up a lot of space and is easy for kids to use.  And being in the fridge, keeps the filtered water nice and cold.  The only minus is that you can't really put it on the table.  Then again, same goes for Brita.

Does PUR filtered water taste better than Brita's? Don't remember.  And, living in NYC and supposedly having very high quality tap water, I don't know how well it gets rid of sliminess and whatever other weird qualities of water all you people to the west seem to have.

If you're looking for a filter which won't take up a lot of space in your fridge, and which can hold over a gallon of water, PUR 18 Cup Dispenser is for you.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pesach Cleaning 2012

Unless you're a crazy chareidi or an even more crazy BT, your main concern before Pesach is the stove, with secondary being the fridge.  To add insult to injury, my stove has small pipes all over and is hard to clean.

Today, Nicole Levine from Home Clean Home, sent over two guys who are outright homicidal when it comes to chometz and dirt.  While I only asked them to clean the stove and fridge, within only two hours they managed to not only make the fridge and stove look brand new, they cleaned the window, window sill and cabinet doors until they shined.  They didn't just do a good job, they did a damn good job.  And then they also put all the food back in the fridge.

The job was done fast and well and no micro-management was required.  If you want a clean home for Pesach, get Home Clean Home.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mystery Manor - Zodiac - Bedroom

UPDATED: 03/25/2012

♈ Aries: x2
♉ Taurus: x2
♊ Gemini: x1
♋ Cancer: x2
♌ Leo: x2
♍ Virgo: x2
♎ Libra: x2
♏ Scorpio: x2
♐ Sagittarius: x1
♑ Capricorn: x1
♒ Aquarius: x2
♓ Pisces: x1

Monday, March 12, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Моя Азбука в стихах

Моя Азбука это азбука в стихах для маленьких читателей.

Сделайте подарок,
Вашему ребёнку.
Дочке или сыну,
Внучке иль внучонку.

Monday, March 5, 2012

  1. Healthy.
  2. Cheap.
  3. Will not increase your dread of Pesach cleaning.
  4. Can be enjoyed by both, kids and adults.
  5. Easy to unwrap.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's raining Katz, Hallelujah!

I'm a host on with my status set to always available.  This shabbat, I had the chance to participate in a comedy of errors you usually only see in a movie.

Thursday evening, I received a message from that a Joe Katz was requesting to come for Friday or Saturday meal, with his kallah.  Now maybe I had a brain fart, but I decided that kallah could also mean that they've been married for a few months, not just engaged.  I replied that I have room for the Friday meal.

Several hours later, I received a message that a Rivkah Katz was requesting to come for the Friday night meal.  Now I just accepted Joe for Friday and here's a girl, with the same last name, sending request for the same meal.  I've had people who were coming together, send separate requests so I just assumed that this is Joe's kallah and she's sending a separate request because they have separate accounts and is doing it so that shows the correct total guests.  I clicked accept and put the matter out of my mind.

Fast forward to Friday night, all the guests are here and Joe introduces his fiancée as Hanna.  So they're not yet married but girls do like to be cute and change their names on social websites before the marriage.  Wasn't her name something else?  Though I did have people come over who use a different name on so this didn't raise much of a flag either.

It's now the middle of the fish course and there's a knock on the door.  Both grandmas are here, all 3 sets of guests are here, who can this be?  I open the door and there's a girl there who starts apologizing for being late and that the door downstairs was closed and the only thing that's going through my mind at this moment is "Who are you?".  I wonder if I had that deer in the headlights look when I opened the door.  Well, you don't look like a serial killer so do come in.

Turns out these were completely different people, not related to each, not even from the same country, who had the same last name and decided to send a request for the same meal, one after the other.   Food and space were definitely not a problem as I'm not one of those people who cooks for the exact number of guests.  In fact, I tend to expect friends to suddenly call me at any time on Friday and ask if they could come over or even pick up extra guests in shul.

This is definitely the most entertaining set of coincidences that I've had the pleasure to experience.  And as long as I'm the only one who got freaked out, no harm, no foul.  And thank you to all the Katzs and not yet Katzs for coming over and making it a fun meal.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


  • Александровский Сад
  • Арбатская
  • Библиотека имени Ленина
  • Боровицкая

  • Культурная и духованая столица метрополитена.
  • Брамины (Хранители книг)
  • Кшатрии (Военные)
  • Совет Полиса
  • Сталкеры
  • Место жительства Мельника.
  • Место жительства художников, музыкантов и писателей.
  • Второе по богатству, после Ганзы, сообщество в метро.

  • С Александровского Сада, перегон к станциям Четвёртого Рейха (Фашисты)
  • Перегон Боровицкая - Полянка - Добрынская (Ментальная Угроза?)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chamah Shabbaton

We finally made it to Chamah Shabbaton at Stamford Plaza Hotel in Stamford, CT.  Though we overpaid by $100 because of late registration.  In general, we liked the shabbaton and will go next year too.

First, let's get the bitching out of the way.  The Kensigton/Midwood bus for people without cars leaves from a location not very accessible without a car.  The children's programs are not very organized, start late, and 3 year olds are stuck between babysitting and a 4-7 group.  Shabbat davening is horribly slow, includes long aliyah sale and is in a badly ventilated room.  Food at melav malka was not served until 11pm and this is having in mind that most people are there with kids.

However, there is a children's program, which is great for older children and they even eat separately and are served more kid friendly food.  There is a pool with separate hours and a gym.  Stamford Plaza has complimentary wifi and cable, with a big screen TV.  Within a mile of the hotel, there is a mikvah and 2 minutes away there is a shopping center which has children's clothes, food, beer, and baby needs.

Things to have in mind when registering and packing:

  1. Each room has a large bed with a single frame but separate mattresses.  There's also a fold out couch.
  2. Each room comes with an iron (no ironing board), a large screen TV with free cable and a small coffee machine with complimentary coffee.
  3. You can request a fridge through Chamah at a discount rate of $15/night.
  4. There are 4 elevators, 2 of which are switched to shabbos mode on shabbos.
  5. 2 minutes away, literally 2 minutes away, is a shopping center.  Exit from main entrance and walk left 1 block.
  6. There are 2 children's clothing stores, including Children's Place.
  7. There's a CVS.
  8. There's a supermarket, Stop & Shop, which has a kosher aisle, baby supplies and beer.  Walk past Staples and use the stairs on the other side of the road to reach it.
  9. Use FourSquare and KosherGPS apps to discover places around the hotel.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

SSL is for goyim

Following Pomegranate's example, they were smart enough to take the form down, Mountain Fruit now has an online order form, with a credit card section, all being submitted without SSL.
I'm guessing that they decided that SSL is a goyish meshugas and that all you need is faith in Hashem who will personally protect their customers' credit cards.
Now, I'm guessing that besides the lack of SSL, all of the credit card information is either being emailed to someone or stored, unencrypted, in an easily accessible database.
On the other hand, someone stupid enough to submit credit card info online without taking the bother to notice whether the page is secure or not, deserves what they get.

I emailed Mountain Fruit regarding the "oversite" at 11:16am, let's see what happens next.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Содружество ВДНХ

  • ВДНХ
  • Алексеевская
  • Рижская

  • Лучший грибной чай во всём метро.
  • Место жительства Артёма.

  • Чёрные (Биологическая Угроза)
  • Перегон между Алексеевской и Рижской (Ментальная Угроза)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Vacation 2012

Today was day 2 of the kids "winter vacation" and I was planning on going with the kids and Barb to Sony's Wonder Technology Lab.  It's a good thing we met the local PA Nachum Weingarten (he's across the street from Glatt Mart, 718-627-0213), who was heading to Times Square with his family and told me that the museum is probably closed.  Apparently most, if not all, museums are closed every Monday.

Barb suggested going to the Time Square Toys R Us and that's where we went.  Turned out the PA was heading this way too.  Kids went on, and very much enjoyed, the Ferris Wheel.  When Shlomik was on the Ferris Wheel, he noticed the live size animatronic dinosaur on the second floor.  Shlomik, together with Barb, ran to the dinosaur.  Even though he thought it was real, he walked up to it and petted it.  Nochum wanted to see it too, at least when he saw it from the Ferris Wheel.  A few feet from the elevator, when he got a closer look, he decided the dinosaur wants to eat him as he was literally terrified for his life and was hiding behind me and dragging me the other way.  Picking him up did not help at all.  When it was time to leave, I actually had to drag him to the elevator as he didn't want to go anywhere even remotely near the dinosaur.  Wasn't bothered watching this clip at home though.  Kids played around with some of the toys and almost wrecked the build your own robot display.  I wouldn't buy any of the toys there though, only online, specifically because other kids have played with them, drained the batteries and grabbed everything with dirty hands.  I was, however, very tempted to buy the robot starter set.

We were near the two kosher street vendors and I was really hoping one of them would have a corn dog, something I've only seen on TV.  The first one had falafel and salads and I really don't understand what the point of  vegetarian meat balls is.  The second was not where it was supposed to be so we went home.

We went home on the B.  Cutesy of the MTA, I completely forgot that B runs on the Q line in Brooklyn.  Good thing Barb was there to remind me.  There was a seriously weird ad on the train for LIM college.  Not sure what this face expression is supposed to be.  Is she yawning? Yelling? Growling? Having a seizure?

We parted with Barb on Newkirk.  Now here's the setup.  I put the stroller in the middle of the platform, away from both sides.  I'm standing right in front of the stroller and facing the kids.  Nochum is in the stroller, Shlomik next to him and I'm telling them, albeit in Russian, to behave.  Then, while still standing right next to the stroller, facing the kids and keeping an eye on them, I decide to check in on foursquare.  Well, this jackass who was on the platform since we got off decided to tell me what a bad parent I am.  Told me that instead of playing with my phone, checking stocks, I should be paying attention to what my kids are doing and that they should be taken away.  ORLY?  Told him to keep his mouth shut and mind his business and took a pic of his VIP self.  Told him this will be online tonight and here it is.

Thanks goes to Barb for being the tour guide and helping with the kids.

Still want to take the kids to the Sony museum and about time to visit the MTA museum again.  But, Sundays are crowded and Pesach probably too.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


With #SOPA : Everything ███ █████ is█████ ████ fine ████ ███ ██████ love █████ █ your █ ████ government

Sunday, January 1, 2012

QR Borg Cube

Assimilate this!

The Borg are here and they want you to spread their message to your collective.
Are you man enough to join the machines?
Enlist now and you too can have your own personal shield generator, and be able to heal and regenerate.

Never be alone again!

Long live the queen!