Monday, May 26, 2008

I'll be nicer if you'll be smarter

I get a call Saturday night at 10:45PM, that's almost 90 minutes after shabbat was over. It's a woman from shul and someone told her that I know something about tomorrow's BBQ. What BBQ?

Now this woman has called after 10 before and I told her that she's not to call even after 9 and if she wants to reach me or my wife, we both have cell phones and email. I tell her that I don't know anything about any BBQ and why is she calling me at 11 when she knows I have a 2 year old kid and when I specifically told her last time not to call after 9. She has the nerve to tell me that it's not actually 11, it's 10:45. I was pissed off when I picked up the phone, now I'm pissed off more. It's been 90 minutes since shabbat was over, why is she calling now? Why is she calling at all about something that will be tomorrow night and no I don't know any details. So she gets all defensive and is like "well, I made a mistake but you shouldn't talk to me that way." FU, if you're stupid and inconsiderate and do things without thinking, I'll talk to you however I want to make sure you never call here again.

There's a shirt I'm always planning on buying and never manage to, maybe next time there's a sale. On the shirt it's written, "I'll be nicer if you'll be smarter."


  1. Please buy me a shirt like that, too. And a bumper sticker +/- pin, if those are available.

  2. Google it, they're all over. Cafepress also has a few variations. Or you can make your own on cafepress.

  3. Thanks. I have a lag between planning something and doing it. However, if someone like your caller would happen to me in the near future, Gd forbid, at least now I have a reference.

  4. My father's got a rule that no one can call the house phone passed 10:00 PM cause then it wakes him up. So when my brother's friend used to call at 10:30 my father would pick up and tell him he's not allowed to call after 10 and sometimes he would listen. Its actually funny how someone will call once and we don't pick up and then they keep calling as if we'll be able to pick up the other times they called if we couldn't pick up the first time. It's like they don't get the message.

  5. Yep, people are stupid.

    The problem with not picking is that the phone will be ringing and might wake up my son.
    I actually tend not to pick up the house phone at all. Most calls are from those "you gave us money last year and we sold your name and address to all the other tzedakah organizations so now give us $36."
    People that I care to talk to call my cell or email me i/m me. Plus, I have internet and google talk on my phone.

  6. yea, so when I go babysitting, sometimes the parent will say I don't have to answer the phone cause they have caller ID, but then the phone rings and I'm afraid it will wake up the kid so I pick up, then they ask who it is and I say its the babysitter then either I take a message but usually they say they'll call back later so really there's no point in picking up besides for not waking up the kid. But then if its your own house and its these tzedaka callers and people you don't really know that are calling, you can technically pick up the phone and then hang it up, either they get the message you can't talk now or they may thing they got disconnected and try again and then that doesn't accomplish much.
    But yea I don't even look at my house phone anymore, everyone I know calls me at my cell, or it even bounces to my cell if its for me. So the house phone is basically pointless, except its free during the day while the cell uses up minutes.

  7. i hate people that call late. Its so annoying. My mom and I are up crazy hours at night, but when you get a call at like 11, you begin to worry. Like "who would be caling so late, hope everything is ok" And then you get into this sort of nervous panic, like "OMG, what is it?" and its someone completely careless and stupid.

    Once we got a call at like 11:30. We were like "OMG, who could it be?" and it was my sisters friend. A stupid little 15 yr old! My dad was like "Don't you realize its disrespectful to call this late?" She was like " I didn't realize"


  8. If you're a hottie seeking your man, you can call me any time you like, yes, even after 11:00 pm.