Sunday, December 18, 2011

Foursquare troll

Have started using foursquare and within a month, someone is already ruining the fun for me.  Have managed to get four mayorships and, as part of normal use, have ousted what turned out to be a foursquare troll.  A certain Steef J, aka Steef Jacobson, aka Stephen Steef Jacobson has decided that only he is allowed to be mayor and, after spamming checkins at the venue from which I ousted him, started going after all other venues where I have ever checked in to remove me from mayorship and/or prevent me from becoming a mayor.  How do I know this?  I accepted his friend request and have noticed that he's even checking in at my shul and my son's day care and doing it several times per day and when the venues are closed.
Have now defriended and reported him for abuse to foursquare.  Hope they disable his account as he seems to be going after other people too.

Checking in at multiple locations at the same time and thanks to twitter can track his obnoxious behavior:!/_steef_

And here he is on foursquare:
A Jewish, religious, guy is a mayor at a church? Really?

And he's on facebook too:

Using foursquare? Make sure you don't friend this psycho, or same can happen to you.

UPDATE - 12/19
This guy seems to be doing this to other people to as he's checking in at 4 to 8 different location, within seconds of each checkin and doing this several times per day.  If Steef is harassing you too, email, give them his username, _steef_ and your username or id and let them know that he's spamming fake checkin in order to remove/prevent you from becoming a mayor.

UPDATE 10/7/12
So the akachan ningen (kidult) is at again.  Apparently I went shopping when it was his time of the month.
I'm amazed someone actually married this idiot.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Excel - Concatenate range

Not as pretty as a custom function, but gets the job done.
To concatenate all values in range A2:A100, place the following formula into B2 and drag/fill it down to B100.
If you want to concatenate all values in a range on the condition that there's a 1 in column B:
To avoid the , or 0 at the beginning, in the first cell that should have a value, enter the value manually and copy the formula to the cell below it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mystery Manor - Cloakroom

 - Red dress on the right | On bench, below left bag | 3rd back left shelf
 - On red bag, bottom left | Back, top left shelf
Drapery Cord Tassel
 - Bottom of mirror | Right side of bench
 - Far left ceiling | Behind box back right
Feather Duster
 - Right side of bench | Right leg of mirror
Fire Alarm
 - Far left ceiling | Above shelves on the right
 - Floor, center back | Floor, bottom left | Open drawer back left
Hair Brush
 - Middle of bench | Floor, bottom left
 - On chandelier | 5th back right shelf | Back left commode
 - Floor, center back | Floor, back left | Top back shelf
 - Left side of mirror
 - Floor, center back | Floor, bottom left
Man's Sock
 - Bottom right | Floor, bottom left
 - Grey jacket on the left | Red dress on the right
Measuring Tape
 - Right commode | Floor, back left
 - Left commode | Top shelf, back right
Petunia Flower
 - Behind bench, on the left | Bottom of mirror | Under red dress
 - Bottom left | On bench, left
 - Back, top left shelf | Bottom right
Sewing Machine
 - Back left | 3rd shelf, back right | Under bench
Shoe Horn
 - Second shelf, on the left | Back shelf, center
 - In mirror | On bench, left | In front of bench
 - Red coat on the right | On red bag, bottom left | On clear bag on bench
Woman's Hat
 - Bottom shelf on left | Top of mirror | In front of bench
Yarn ball
 - On top of back left commode | Bottom left of mirror | Under stool

Mystery Manor - Bathroom

Angel - Top left.
Apple - Middle of mirror.
Ball - Inside alcove.
Bell - Bottom of cart.
Candlestick - Bottom left of bathtub.
Champagne - Above cart, on left.
Clock - On top of cart.
Detergent - Behind cart.
Fire Alarm - Ceiling above bathtub.
Duck - Left of mirror.
Gear - Inside alcove.
Glove - Bottom right.
Linen Basket - Behind cart.
Perfume - Wall left of bathtub.
Plunger - Ceiling above cart.
Scale - Bottom left.
Seahorse - Ceiling above bathtub.
Shell - Left corner of bathtub.
Ship - Bottom center.
Small Broom - Bottom left.
Vase - Front table.
Wine Glass - Bottom left of bathtub.
Woman's Shoe - Bottom left.
Wrench - Above bathtub.

Mystery Manor - African Room

African Diamond - Floor, right.
African Elephant - Top right wall.
African Mask - Right side of hut.
African Scorpion - Roof, bottom right.
Basket - Right of roof.
Bananas - Held by monkeys.
Butterfly - Right wall, center.
Crocodile Skull - In hut in fire.
Cup - On drum, front center.
Feather - On spear, right of hut.
Goggles - Right wall, bottom right.
Gun - In vase, left of hut.
Knife - Stuck in drum, floor, right.
Pineapple - In hut on table.
Pith Helmet - Floor, right.
Rhino - Left window.
Shaman Amulet - Right of roof.
Shaman Potion - On drum, front center.
Shell - Top of roof.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Inserted Evil Clue 5

Tune in
Lock and load
Check out the inventory

Monday, September 26, 2011

Add Jewish Holidays to Google Calendar

Here's how to add Jewish Holidays to Google Calendar:
In left column, click on the down arrow, right of Other Calendars.
Select Browse Interesting Calendars.
Scroll down to Jewish Holidays and click subscribe.

To add Jewish dates, in Interesting Calendars, click the More tab and subscribe to Hebrew Calendar.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


This is a repost from last year.

Our shul follows the kabbalistic version of the order in which the simanim are eaten on Rosh Hashanah. It makes more sense halachakli too, why would you eat an apple before a date. The order is taken from Rabbi Yaakov Chaim Sofer's book Kaf Hachaim.

First, the brochot are made, haetz on the dates and haodama on the leek.

After the brochot, the order is the following:
  1. Silka (beets) - Sheyistalku oyveinu umastineinu.
  2. Karti (leeks) - Sheyikartu soneinu.
  3. Temarim (dates) - Sheyitamu soneinu.
  4. Kra (yellow squash) - Sheyikoru roa gzar dineinu, vayikoru lefoneiha zehuyoseinu.
  5. Rubiya (black-eyed peas) - Sheyirbu zehuyoseinu.
  6. Rimonim (pomegranates) - Shenarbe zehus k'rimon.
  7. Rosh Keves (head of sheep) - Shenihye l'rosh v'lo l'zonav.
Yellow squash can be eaten raw. You can buy black-eyed peas in Glatt Mart and probably in Pomegranate and Mountain Fruit, look for Eden Foods.
Best looking lamb's head is in Avi Glatt. Though this year it looks kinda meh too, not full half of head.

Shana Tova!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FaceBook games filter for the new news feed - 09/2011

Can't make heads or tails of the new FaceBook news feed which now has everything in it and seemingly no filter?
Here are the links:

For other games, get the ID by going to the game, scrolling all the way down and getting the ID from one of the links at the bottom.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I got a 101 on my CS test!

Binarily Graded
If you're 1 of the 10 people who understand binary, you should know that a 100 on a CS test is nothing to brag about. What you should really aspire for is a 101.

Don't be satisfied with a B, you know you could do better!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

4D and 3X

Happy Feet 4D
This morning went to the NY Aquarium with kids.  We were there early enough that there was no line for the 4D show and decided to attend.  Shlomo got scared of the cartoon orca in the middle and Nochum got scared of the real animals in the beginning.  I got mostly annoyed.

What is Happy Feet 4D?  It's 108 minutes of Happy Feet cut into 19 minutes of random scenes, with 3D and random, annoying, "4D" effects.  The 3D glasses were dirty and came in only one, extra-extra-large size, which was barely holding on Nochum's nose.  The screen seemed to be dirty too.  The compression of a 108 minute movie into 19 minutes failed miserably.

A particularly annoying "4D" effect was the chair poking you, hard, in the back.  This was done twice.  Once, when baby Mumble buried himself between his dad feet.  Why does that translate into poking the audience in the back I have no idea.  The other time was when Mumble grabbed onto the fishing net with his beak and was poked and yanked by the sailors with a metal hook, which does make sense but does not make any less annoying.

Random audience members had jets of air blast into the back of their heads at random times.  How this had anything to do with what was going on on the screen I have no idea.

Several times bubbles were jetted at the audience in order to simulate the already 3D bubbles shown on the screen while the penguins were swimming under water.  Also, one time got sprayed with water, which was also relevant to what was on the screen and the only effect that made sense.

I would definitely not recommend watching this movie, especially if you're not a member and are paying for it.  However, this is a very good way to test whether your kids are ready for a regular 3D movie.  Even if you paid the $6/ticket cost, if your kids freak out, better that you lose $6/ticket, rather than $18+/ticket.

Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star
In the evening, we went to see Bucky Larson, sans the kids, obviously.  Critics hated the movie, rotten tomatoes hated the movie, we liked the movie.  It was funny.  It was stupid funny, but it was funny.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it seemed to be a parody of the usual going to Hollywood movie.  The guy wants to be a porn star and the girl wants to be a waitress and their not doing these jobs while waiting for something better.

The movie portrays pornography as a regular, respectable, profession.  There are actors, directors, awards and gala award ceremonies.  And if your parents were porn stars, they will be very proud of your career choice.

Watch it as a parody with boobies and you may enjoy it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inserted Evil Clue 2

Someone in Raccoon city got inked.
Find the IP?
Profile number what?!

How to add an image to fb, kmy style

How to add an image to facebook:
GIS what you need, right click, save image as, save.
On FB, upload pic, browse, select image.

How to add an image to facebook kmy style:
GIS what you need.
Copy image to word.
Save image as a document.
Try to upload a document as an image.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Of mice and stars at the AMNH

Bought $5 tickets for the American Museum of Natural History.  Yeah, I know admission is a dollar, the tickets included free admission to one of the specials.  We went with kids and friends.  Unfortunately, there's no B train, but there are elevators and ramps on 42nd for the transfer from Q to C.

We were supposed to go to the main entrance with our vouchers but the guard let us through and walked us halfway to the Will Call desk where we got tickets for the shows.  We bought tickets for the Journey to the Stars at the Hayden Planetarium.  Was afraid the kids would freak out at Tornado Alley at IMAX.  The staff at the planetarium were also very nice.  We came right after the show started and were let in for next show without having to go exchange tickets and the women and kids were let into the line without a ticket while I was in the bathroom.

The fun started at the planetarium.  They tell you that it doesn't matter where you sit, and yes, it doesn't.  You can't see no matter where you sit.  The sits are not reclined enough and are not reclinable more, while you have to look straight up.  Also, maybe I'm blind, but the movie seemed blurry.  Around 25 years ago, on a school trip, 3rd or 4th grade, I was in a planetarium in Moscow.  It had an old style projector, no movie, no lasers.  The show was interesting and informative.  The show was about specific stars and constellation and where they appear.  Journey to the Stars, on the other hand, is tailored towards two year olds.  A better and more informative zoom out was done at the end of MIB for years ago.  Planets inside the solar system are shown with their orbits (vectors) but are too small and shown too fast to recognize and no labels provided.  Different types of stars are mentioned but very broadly.  One constellation is mentioned and a few stars are named but not shown where they appear in the sky.  The movie was not informative or interesting and not even visually stunning.  Replacing the whole movie with pictures from the Hubble telescope would be a great improvement.  Considering the movie was narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, they could've at least started it on the Enterprise with Guinan.  Unfortunately, the whole movie, fail.

After the show, we went to eat.  Outside food is not allowed in the cafeterias, but there is a School Lunchroom where the Hebrews may eat their food.  As we walked in, a mouse ran across the lunchroom.  The kids were duly entertained, the wife was not.  While we were eating, around 45 minutes, same or several other mice ran by.  Well, at least I got to see some live exhibits.

I did not find special (pay per show) exhibits being placed in the middle of key connecting areas to be particularly amusing.  As it is, the abysmal layout of the pavilions requires too much backtracking, especially if you're unable to use the stairs.  As far as the elevators, too few and too small and you have to wait for 10 minutes because of assholes who can't be bothered to use the stairs.

The animal sections confuse me.  I understand showing extinct animals, but what's the point of dioramas of animals you can go look at at the zoo, which is 10 minutes away.  Laziness and instant gratification.  I'd rather look at live animals, even when they're not one foot away.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Librarian

Went to Rossman Farms.  Now while the kids were not behaving well, were behind the plastic curtain by the fridge, they were most definitely not screaming, just talking normally.  Now apparently The Librarian thinks that people should do their shopping in absolute silence because she told them to shut up.  She was behind me so wasn't immediately sure who she was talking to.  When cashier told her they're just kids she started getting psychotic, telling her to shut up, telling other people to shut up and mind their business.  Then she starts yelling that the cashier and other should go back to their country and die in the hurricane.  Not sure what she'd like them to do first.

Afterwards went to Mountain Fruit. Apparently she was going the same way as I started hearing her shout from behind me that I walk like a duck and calling me an f'ing duck.

Now that I think about it, it may be the same psycho I ran into in Glatt Mart a couple of months ago.  Was talking to Nochum and my back was turned so not sure who she was addressing, me, him, or the cashier.  Also, suddenly starts saying shut up.

Monday, August 8, 2011

ColdFusion: Capitalize every word using regex

Forget about loops, left, right, mid and writing multiline custom functions.  Since ColdFusion MX, all you need is rereplace.
To capitalize ever word in a string: rereplace(string,"\b(\w)","\u\1","all")

Sunday, August 7, 2011

DS: Murder in Venice

Murder in Venice is awesome!  Unless you're one of those hardcore players who wants everything to be the same dull color which makes some objects nearly impossible to find.  In that case, go play the other game from City Interactive, Vampire Moon: Mystery of The Hidden Sun.

The story is decent and the scenes look good.  What makes this game stand out, though, is the mix of puzzles and a new take on an old game.  Unlike some of the other games I've played, the puzzles are part of the story, show scenes from the story and have objects for you to find which are directly related to the story.  While some games have puzzles with story added as filler, Murder in Venice the story and the puzzles are essential to each other.

A lot of this style games have the maze with a timer puzzle.  This game has two mazes.  The second one, unfortunately, uses the same old recipe.  The first puzzle, however, puts you into a race against a moving gondola. In the middle of the game area, there is a city canal, bisected by bridges.  Top and bottom of the game area are taken up by two sections of the maze, joined together by the bridges.  Hardcore players may find this maze to be too simple though.  The second maze is more elaborate, though less visually appealing.

The story revolves around code boxes and you get to open each one.  To open each box, you play bejeweled.  However, each puzzle is slightly different and more difficult than the previous one.  Goals involve removing a certain amount of pieces of a specific color, of any color, removing locks by using a key or blowing them up, making a particular color piece drop down into a receptacle at the bottom of the screen, and more.  As you progress through the game, more powerups become available.  After you finish the game, in the minigames section, you can play through ten boards, which include the ones you played during the story.

At the beginning of the game, there is a mini puzzle which involves moving around potted plants to make a path to a ladder.  If that's your cup of tea, there are six more of these puzzles, with increasing difficulty, in the minigames section.

This game also includes the toke jigsaw puzzle.  Except, it's tetris.  This nefarious version of a jigsaw puzzle uses pieces which look like tetris pieces.  There are no corner pieces because none of the sides are rounded.  There's little to tell you which way a piece should be oriented.  And to add insult to injury, not only do you not know what the picture is supposed to look like, it's a two color line drawing of a map.  Frustrating, but interesting and definitely unique.

There's also a twist on the usual hidden object puzzle.  In addition to finding items, there are several scenes where you afterwards have to take pictures.  On the right side of the screen, there is a list of pictures you're supposed to match up to the main image.  This, ironically, is more difficult than finding specific items, as you're looking for some general area on the main image.

An extra you can unlock after finishing story mode is chess.  To unlock it, you must collect chess pieces, hidden in each of the main puzzles.  Unfortunately after playing through twice, I still can't find a red pawn.

This game includes unlockable awards.  One major annoyance is how to unlock two of them.  One award is given by getting the highest score in each hidden object puzzle and another for getting highest score in each minigame.  After completing each puzzle you get a score and a rating based on the score.  I assumed that getting a "perfect" rating meant highest score or high enough to count towards the award.  After getting a "perfect" in each hidden object puzzle and a score of at least 90,000, the award is still not unlocked.  Gave up on trying to unlock the award because the game doesn't tell you what the highest score actually is and if you reached it or not.  In two puzzles, managed to get a score of 92,600, yet no idea if that's the highest score or not.

Though hardcore hidden object players may not like this game, I very much enjoyed it and would recommend anyone who likes hidden object games to buy it.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

PRICE ALERT - Mountain Fruit

Yummy's Chocolate Twist is $3.49.
It rings up at over $5.
Cashier was arguing and refusing to give it at the correct price.
First said that another item is the one on sale and when I took off the label and actually showed it to her, said it's from last week.  Expiration for sale was 8/9, but apparently she can't read.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vampire Moon - The Mystery of the Hidden Sun

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

Vampire Moon: The Mystery of the Hidden Sun is not a horrible game.  The story starts out quite well, though flops towards the end.  The drawing style, except where it makes searching for items near impossible without hiding in a dark closet, is very well matched to the game's story and feel.  However, I would definitely not recommend paying full price for this game or buying it if you have other games on the list.

Where this game fails is the gameplay.  With the exception of scenes, one where you help pick up produce and then fix the cart it fell out of, and the other where you gather herbs, the scenes and what you do in them have little to do with the game.  Instead of the puzzles being interwoven with the story, it feels like one group wrote the story, then another group drew pictures based on the story and then another group tacked on the game element, except none of these communicated with each other and nobody was in charge.

You do a puzzle when you enter an area, you do the same puzzle when you leave the area and you do the same puzzle when you come back to that area.  Why are you doing it more than once and why are you searching for items that have nothing to do with what you're doing, is a puzzle of itself.  With one exception, going through a maze, the only thing you'll be doing is going from area to area and doing the same exact thing, searching for different items, on different backgrounds.

Among the items you're supposed to find, there are usually tools which you use after finding all the other items.  Sometimes what you do with the tools relates to the story, sometimes not, and sometimes what you're supposed to do makes no sense whatsoever.  One extremely memorable scene is where you find a pair of chopsticks, which you then use to get a ship out of a bottle.  Not only does this have nothing to do with the story, there is nothing to even suggest that that's what the chopsticks are for.  It's as if, while on that scene, the programmers had Chinese for lunch and the person who was buying the food passed by an antique shop with a ship in a bottle in the window and thought that it would be cool to get it out of the bottle using chopsticks.

While the palette fits the mood of the game, it often makes finding items unnecessarily hard.  The colors are too dull.  Especially when an item you're looking for is in the background, the lack of contrast makes things very hard to find.  Foreground, where the color is a bit more vibrant, is easier to deal with.

The game has unlockable awards, special items, a passable story and, if you're desperate, a more or less acceptable gameplay.  Was it a total waste of time and money?  No.  Would I recommend it?  Not sure, though get it if you're into vampires.  The game does provide some interesting facts about the origin of vampires and symbols and persons that are related to them.  Don't pay full price, preferably borrow from a friend, and if all else fails, get it used from Amazon.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Osborne House

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Osborne House for DS is rated 10+.  Perhaps it should be rated 10-.  The puzzles are ridiculously easy to the point where the answer is so simple, you're stuck trying to figure out what you're supposed to do because THAT CAN'T BE THE ANSWER!  Case in point, towards the end of the game you're presented with 3 names, where all first names start with same letter and all last names start with same letter.  The solution, select those letters, which, for the criminally stupid, are also capitalized.  I finished this game in 3 hours, 17 minutes, and that included reading.

There is no difficulty progression throughout the game.  In fact, the last puzzle involves moving around boxes to cover up a fuse.  There are two minigames, both involving tapping the screen when the object of the game is roughly in the middle of the screen.  And don't worry about making too many moves to solve the puzzle, as the game doesn't penalize no matter how many moves you make.

There is one somewhat enjoyable part of the game where you're supposed to rescue the Prime Minister.  This area contains the only somewhat difficult puzzle which involves repairing a net.  This is also the only place that contains more than 2 scenes where you have to collect different items and use them together.

The writing is horrible.  Then again, considering the new Sherlock Holmes comedy, I guess Sherlock Holmes is now mainly about making fun of England.  I would assume that if a famous detective would go to the Queen or the Queen's guards and tell them there's a bomb, they would make sure to quickly get out of the way instead of making fun of him and telling him to stop causing a commotion.

The game is mostly linear, the puzzles are childishly easy and the whole thing can be completed in a few hours.  Get it for your 10 year old, as long as he hasn't played any puzzle games before.  And stay away from this yourself.  Professor Layton this is not and if you want a challenge, play submachine.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ColdFusion - Query column overwrites URL structure

Just ran into an interesting bug. If you have a cfloop of a query which has a column named url, it will overwrite the url struct but only when using conditionals.

For output, query.url and url.urlparam output correctly. However, using isdefined("url.urlparam") returns false, while using structkeyexists(url,"urlparam") throws an error about trying to use a string as a structure with members.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Circularly stepping through query, array or array of arrays using mod

Let's say you have a menu with a "next" link and would like to step through the menu in a way that when you're on the last item, clicking next will bring you back to the top.  You can use mod, instead of if/else and, in most cases, have everything on only one line.

Stepping through a list of patterns returned by a query: = "?pattern=" &[listfindnocase(valuelist(,url.pattern) mod q_patterns.recordcount + 1]

Stepping through an array of keywords: = "?keywords=" & arrsearch[listfindnocase(arraytolist(arrsearch),url.keywords) mod arraylen(arrsearch) +1]

Stepping through an array of arrays of secondary categories:
for (i=1; i<=arraylen(arrcat); i++) {
     catposition = listfindnocase(arraytolist(arrcat[i]),url.secondary);
     if (catposition)
  = "?secondary=" & arrcat[i][catposition mod arraylen(arrcat[i])+1]

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mikvah stories

While I miss pepperoni, for me, one of the most annoying aspects of orthodox Judaism is toiveling.  Really hate having to beg someone for something.  Especially when there's a good chance the guy will be an asshole about it.

Sunday, we went to Japan Day and Japan Block Fair.  At the block fair, I bought a set of 10 rice/soup bowls.  This morning, I decided to go with Nochum to toivel them.

I asked the owner of the store if I can toivel my stuff and he just snapped and went on a rant of how he will not throw me out today but that I should not come back there because the mikvah is for customers only.  And on and on about how I should toivel it where I bought it or go to a public mikvah or toivel it where I bought and not use his mikvah and on and on.

Why didn't I tell him off and leave?  Wanted to use the bowls for shabbat and didn't know if I'd have the opportunity to go to Happy Home or Buzz to toivel them there.

Is the guy pissed off about people not buying?  Well, here's the difference between his place and Happy Home.  Happy Home is expensive, but, they sell quality merchandise and the owner doesn't complain or look at you nasty if you ask if you can toivel something.  This store, on the other hand, while also being expensive, sells the same crap as Amazing Saving but at twice the price and is, in addition, dirty and products are lying around haphazardly.

Mikvah for customers only?  How about for mitzvah?  It's not like I'm doing it for fun or have much of a choice.  The end result?  I will never buying anything from this store again.  Also, on the way out, I saw a $50 hot water urn, which, after the guy's nasty behavior, I will buy somewhere else.

P.S. Even though I said thank you before, as I was leaving, the guy started yelling after me that I should say thank you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tiberias - Fail

What is it with dairy restaurants being unable to deliver what they list on the menu?  If half the ingredients are missing, don't serve it.

On the way back from Japan Day and Japan Block Fair, went to Tiberias, a kosher, dairy restaurant in Manhattan, located on 34th, between Park and Madison.  Ordered Latte, two French Onion Soups and Fettuccini Alfredo.  Latte had a cute drawing of a cup of coffee in the foam and the soup was descent.

The menu lists Fettucini [sic] Alfredo as Flat long pasta cooked in cream sauce, mozzarella, portabello and champigon [sic] mushrooms.  There may have been mozzarella in there.  There was definitely no portabello and while there was half of a fresh champignon, the rest were of the canned variety.  We were charged $15.95 for this failed attempt at Fettuccine Alfredo.

Half an hour after eating, wife and I both had indigestion.

The menu is small, the prices are high and ingredients are missing.

Interestingly, their website is a joke and uses free hosting, same as the other restaurants where we had a bad experience.  Lesson of the day, if the management can't be bothered to put up a good, functional website, avoid.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Сосна - первое что видиш когда, после очередной пьянки, просыпаешся, без одежды, посередине леса.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yahoo email, use at your own risk

Yet another one of my friends' email accounts was just hacked.  That makes it 5 or 6 in the past year.  All of the accounts were from yahoo.

While people may have weak passwords, this is way too many in too short a time.  And, incidentally, I don't remember any others getting hacked, not even the smaller companies.

Yahoo offers a forwarding service, unfortunately it's not free.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Phonetic Russian Keyboard for Windows 7

After using Steinchik's Phonetic Russian Keyboard layout for years on Windows XP, I needed something for Windows 7 as his is not compatible.

I created the Windows 7 version using MKLC 1.4.
Here is the key layout you can use for reference.

Download Phonetic Russian Keyboard for Windows 7.