Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yet another hoax

My dad recently told me about a virus called Invitation. The worst virus ever that destroys your computer. When he told me that he heard about it on Davidzon Radio (Russian radio), I told him it's bs since Russian radio will repeat anything from anywhere without actually bothering to check the facts. He was quiet upset by that so I decided to prove him wrong.

Originally, he didn't remember the name of the virus. I went to Symantec's viruses and risks page. Nothing there above level 2. He still didn't believe me, apparently Russian radio is more informed about viruses than Symantec. This week I finally got the name of the virus out of him. He also said that they mentioned that CNN is calling this the worst virus. CNN knows one virus from another? Anyway, off to snopes I go and guess what, it's there and so is the CNN quote. This "virus alert" was issued by Boris Talis. I assume he received an email, read it, and like all the other retarded little sheep forwarded it to all his friends and warned his listeners on the radio too.

Not one of these starfish, no brain and too many hands, ever checks the facts. Reads the email, screams "OMG!" and feverishly forwards to all of it's friends and acquaintances. Half of these hoaxes aren't even believable. And even if the starfish doesn't know about snopes, there's google and educated friends that it can ask. They never do. And it gets worse when one of those things works on the radio.


  1. Hasn't this been around in some form since 2006? (The hoax, I know the virus doesnt exist.)

  2. Yep.
    Time has never been a hindrance to these people. Remember the hoax about some dying girl and if you forward the email, Micro$oft will donate a penny or something? Still going around even though it makes absolutely no sense.

  3. I couldn't believe it, but recently one of my friends joined a facebook group that claims Bill Gates is giving money to everyone who forwards this letter or something.

    That has to be the oldest chain letter around, and it's somehow managed to convert itself to the new mediums of social networking.

    It's amazing how dumb some people are. Besides the whole premise, the idea that Microsoft keeps track and knows what email you send and who you send it to is ludicrous. If they actually believe that, shouldn't they be more scared of identity theft or something? Speaking of identity theft, I keep having to reassure my family that their now about to be cloned by terrorists because they keep seeing these scare reports "how a criminal can steal your credit card details in 23 seconds and be buying overseas property in your name 2 minutes late". Tonight on FOX, a special undercover covert underground special report.

  4. "keep having to reassure my family that their now about to be cloned by terrorists"

    That should read "NOT" not "now". Kinda ruins the meaning of it all. :)

  5. And then there's the FB hoax, "If you become friends with x, he's a hacker and will hack your computer."
    How does this make sense?
    How come people, when they sit down in front of computer, suddenly turn into slobbering mush for brains. They can read a newspaper, yet when in front of the computer, they only see a 1 inch square area of the screen and nothing around it. Gah!

  6. Hells yeah. PEBCAK.

  7. Ever do time in Geek Squad or Circuit City's PC Services (Now called Firedog or something)?

  8. Thank G-d no. I was the IT department in a warehouse. Did their website, intranet, servers, desktops, phones and tech support. Some of the sales people were from Williamsburg. Don't get me started.
    On the plus side, since I was the only one there and the only person above me was the owner, I could do whatever I wanted and abuse those starfish however I want.

  9. haha...I like what you said about Russian radio. LOL.

    I say the same thing to my grandma, but about Russian TV (she's not a big radio listener). And she gets so mad at me. She's like "You're just like your mom, a know-it-all."

    Then usually, I'm right. :).

  10. And it's so freaking annoying. It's like, you were right the last 5 times, but this time you're probably wrong.