Friday, May 9, 2008

Price Alert - Mountain Fruit

The week before Pesach I was in Mountain Fruit. I bought Ora's Organics Herbal Tea. These were new teas and for some reason weren't in the computer. The cashier turned around and asked the cashier behind her for the price and was told it was $2.49, the price for Wissotzky tea. I told her that's the wrong price and that the price is $2.19, she changed. Fast forward to today. The same exact scene was played and I think it was even the same cashier. The teas are still not in the computer and just like last time she turned around and asked for the price and was told it's $2.49.

This has happened to me in Mountain Fruit way too many times. The sales prices are not in the computer, not on the day the sale starts and not on the second day either even though the prices are posted above the products. The cashiers pretend not to know the sales prices even if the sale has already been going on for a week. On one occasion, the cashier refused to go check or change the price. There was a sale on chocolate around Purim and I took a couple different ones. Not only did some of them scan in under the wrong name but also the wrong price. I told the cashier that they were on sale and she actually had the nerve to start arguing with me that some are and some are not. I told her that the sign above them said all of them were on sale. She refused to go check and told me I'll have to speak to the manager. I said ok. She continued sitting there looking at me and waiting for me to pay. I told her to call the manager because I will not pay and not leave. The manager told her to change the price. Later that week I went to buy some more of that chocolate. It was still in the same location, same flavors and same sign above them and again they scanned in under the wrong price.

Is this due to negligence or is it being done on purpose? I don't know. However, considering how frequently this happens, you gotta wonder.


  1. well, because it is the closest store to me and i don't have much time to shop around different stores, mountain fruit will still do for me.(written by henny)

  2. I'm not saying you should stop shopping there, I still continue to go there. However, make sure that they charge the right price, depending on what you buy you can get screwed out of way more than just $.25.

  3. I think it has a lot to do with not caring enough and laziness, the store it self is not organized.People will still go there simply bec. Its very convenient. by Mike G

  4. No wonder you like Meal Mart better.

    Actually reminds me of 2 things.
    1- My mother went to a grocery store in Boro park to buy something that was on sale, the cashier charged her regular price, so my mother was home, looked at her receipt and called up and said she was charged the wrong amount, then the store said it was only on sale if you spent a certain amount of money there. I guess that was in the fine print somewhere.
    2-in my Business Law class, somehow someone mentioned a Subway sale that said "Buy any club Sandwich for $5" (or something like that). When he ordered a certain type of sandwich, they told him it wasn't part of the sale, so he told them on the sign it says in big letters "any" so he should be able to get it for $5. But they told him no. So he asked my prof if he has a case against them. I forgot what my prof answered him. But he said that his wife is the same way, she wants to get her moneys worth and will sit on the phone for hours arguing about how much money she deserves. He said sometimes its just worth it for the company to give in, and give the money then to pay the customer service guy for 2 hours while she keeps them on the phone.

    btw, you have to be careful when you go to supermarkets to make sure the products are kosher, even if its a Kosher store. Because one time I went into a store and I found Peanut butter ice cream, my new favorite flavor and I was so happy they had it. Then I looked and saw that there was no Hechsher or OU on it. So we showed it to the manager and he removed them from the freezer.

  5. Meyer from Meyer's bakery on J and 14 will prob make you peanut butter ice cream. If not, let me know and I'll make him do it for next week.

  6. never heard of Meyer's Bakery. But thanx for the idea. But actually now I know where to get it from. Sweet choice has it, although they only have the parave one that's hard. But then I found with the freezer products a peanut butter razzle which is very good, and if they don't have it in the freezer they make it for me. That's what I had for a week after I got one of my wisdom teeth pulled out.