Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mystery Manor - Cloakroom

 - Red dress on the right | On bench, below left bag | 3rd back left shelf
 - On red bag, bottom left | Back, top left shelf
Drapery Cord Tassel
 - Bottom of mirror | Right side of bench
 - Far left ceiling | Behind box back right
Feather Duster
 - Right side of bench | Right leg of mirror
Fire Alarm
 - Far left ceiling | Above shelves on the right
 - Floor, center back | Floor, bottom left | Open drawer back left
Hair Brush
 - Middle of bench | Floor, bottom left
 - On chandelier | 5th back right shelf | Back left commode
 - Floor, center back | Floor, back left | Top back shelf
 - Left side of mirror
 - Floor, center back | Floor, bottom left
Man's Sock
 - Bottom right | Floor, bottom left
 - Grey jacket on the left | Red dress on the right
Measuring Tape
 - Right commode | Floor, back left
 - Left commode | Top shelf, back right
Petunia Flower
 - Behind bench, on the left | Bottom of mirror | Under red dress
 - Bottom left | On bench, left
 - Back, top left shelf | Bottom right
Sewing Machine
 - Back left | 3rd shelf, back right | Under bench
Shoe Horn
 - Second shelf, on the left | Back shelf, center
 - In mirror | On bench, left | In front of bench
 - Red coat on the right | On red bag, bottom left | On clear bag on bench
Woman's Hat
 - Bottom shelf on left | Top of mirror | In front of bench
Yarn ball
 - On top of back left commode | Bottom left of mirror | Under stool

Mystery Manor - Bathroom

Angel - Top left.
Apple - Middle of mirror.
Ball - Inside alcove.
Bell - Bottom of cart.
Candlestick - Bottom left of bathtub.
Champagne - Above cart, on left.
Clock - On top of cart.
Detergent - Behind cart.
Fire Alarm - Ceiling above bathtub.
Duck - Left of mirror.
Gear - Inside alcove.
Glove - Bottom right.
Linen Basket - Behind cart.
Perfume - Wall left of bathtub.
Plunger - Ceiling above cart.
Scale - Bottom left.
Seahorse - Ceiling above bathtub.
Shell - Left corner of bathtub.
Ship - Bottom center.
Small Broom - Bottom left.
Vase - Front table.
Wine Glass - Bottom left of bathtub.
Woman's Shoe - Bottom left.
Wrench - Above bathtub.

Mystery Manor - African Room

African Diamond - Floor, right.
African Elephant - Top right wall.
African Mask - Right side of hut.
African Scorpion - Roof, bottom right.
Basket - Right of roof.
Bananas - Held by monkeys.
Butterfly - Right wall, center.
Crocodile Skull - In hut in fire.
Cup - On drum, front center.
Feather - On spear, right of hut.
Goggles - Right wall, bottom right.
Gun - In vase, left of hut.
Knife - Stuck in drum, floor, right.
Pineapple - In hut on table.
Pith Helmet - Floor, right.
Rhino - Left window.
Shaman Amulet - Right of roof.
Shaman Potion - On drum, front center.
Shell - Top of roof.