Thursday, May 11, 2017

Say what?!

Some people have bad grammar and some people can't spell and some people put random words together and call it a sentence.
Considering the people I deal with, this will be an ever growing list.
  • The members only Navigation Bar is the have a link Members only login screen
  • Ok what is the best way to have a "modom" I need something that works
  • Also is out site open 2 links
  • Is their a way to stop people from tapping us
  • also I need to add up where you adding up a payment how add it up because sometimes a different person add the $ and different person add up the job
  • NEW!!!
    Come books: 1-st time translate to Russian the classical Musar book
    "Madrigat adam" (mans level) of Saba miSlobodka.
    "Even Shlema" (Whole stoun) of Vilna Goen (with detailing biography of Goen).
    Lectures of Rav Haim Burshteyn, chief Rabi of Lita, to Sefer Daniel ant to Sefer Irmiyagu.
  • My Outlook storage is full. Can you clear my cache and archive my ##### folder somewhere I can still access them?