Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stewie annoys Lois

Every time Shlomik sees this, he wants me to play it over and over and over and over...
In the end he also says "hi" and laughs.


  1. reminds me of that other video where he's throwing rocks in the water and doesn't turn around when you call his name, now I see where he got it from.

    But isn't it scary for him when she jumps out saying "What?".

  2. Nah, that video is from last summer.

    Not even the first time he wathed it. What he was kinda scared of at first, even though he loved the video, were the videos about elephants. There's one video where an elephant makes a painting of an elephant and another with an elephant orchestra. He likes them but at first he was kinda afraid and was watching from behind me.

  3. Yea, I saw the one of an elephant painting a portrait of an elephant it was really cool, but I can see how he would be scared of that, because that's not something you normally see elephants do.

    But that's good he's able to be cautious and then decide it's safe to come out.

  4. I doubt he was scared about the fact that the elephant was painting. It was mostly when this huge elephant trunk was on the screen.

  5. lol, ahh I see.
    It's funny though, cause he's able to understand the concept of TV at such a young age. While there's a child that's 11 and doesn't understand the concept of TV, and will ask "how did they get in the box?" and thinks that the time its being programmed or shown is the time that their actually acting it out.

  6. While there's a child that's 11 and doesn't understand the concept of TV, and will ask "how did they get in the box?"

    Seriously? He must be ultra-frum of the kind where everytime he saw a TV his father told him it was a microwave. (My 9th grade rebbe did that).

  7. When I was 9, I was soldering. When I was 12, my project for school fair was a AC to DC inverter.
    Does this 11 year old have learning disabilities or something or did his parents decide that science is what goyim learn?

  8. It's a she, and its not an ultra frum family. She's heard of a tv before, but then again she's a bit slow when it comes to grasping certain concepts. But she doesn't have learning disabilities. Although now I believe she understands how a tv works.

  9. haha..i was cracking up too. :)
    I used to do things like that all the time. rabbi came to our house once, and we have a huge TV in our living room. He was like "nice oven"

    lol. My dad was like "aha rabbi, oven."

    My rabbi just smiled. :)

    Some other idiot when he saw the TV (right after we boguht it, my father was so proud), was like "did you give maaser?" My dad was like "Wat kinda question is that, just cuz i have a TV i dont give maaser?"

    What my Rabbi said was funny. He was trying not to "recognize" the TV, and "judge us favorably" or w/e, but the other guy, to say that was just wrong.