Sunday, May 22, 2016

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes - 7 Star Yoda

There are forum posts about getting 7* Yoda by using Barriss' health drop exploit. Tried it several times and it didn't help at all. Maybe works for whales with a better Jedi team, but didn't work for me with my free one.

Here's what worked. Yoda was with Jedi Consular and Jedi Knight Guardian. My team was Barriss leading Qui-Gon Jinn, Luminara, Jedi Consular, and Eeth Koth. JKG would use Saber Throw and gain Defense Up. I would then use QGJ's Humbling Blow to give everyone Offense Up.

First, take out JC to prevent healing and because he's easiest to kill and not needed. Next, start attacking Yoda, and leave JKG for last as you want to use her for free buffs. May work with other Yoda companions, but JKG is the slowest Jedi.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Divided we fall

In New York City, a city of over 8 million people, all of 2.5 million vote in presidential elections.

In 2013, a little over 1 million showed up. The rest didn't bother. We ended up with DeBlasio.

In 2014, less than 1 million showed up. Cuomo got re-elected and NYC got blamed by the upstate Republicans for the re-election. Even though most of them didn't bother voting, it was the fault of NYC where, incidentally, even less people showed up to vote.

Many excuses have been used. The candidate is not perfect, doesn't represent a voter's specific issue, said something stupid, didn't say something, etc. And then there are the "my vote doesn't count". When less than 50% of regular voters show up; your vote counts. When less than 50% bother to vote at all, or even register to vote; your vote counts.

The general election is coming up and all I see is petty bickering. Name calling between candidates, name calling between voters, and that's within the same party. Vote for whomever you want in the primaries. In November, whether your candidate lost or didn't exist, and even if you have to vote for a RINO; vote. You may be showing your displeasure by not voting, but guess what, nobody cares and nobody will notice. It's great to have principles, and you may post all about them on social networks and praise and curse the GOP and the available candidates. However, if we don't stand united when it counts, it won't be the Democrats' fault that we lost.

If you don't vote and/or not planning on voting, what right do you have to complain?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

ColdFusion email validation regex timeout

Once upon a time, before ColdFusion 9 introduced isvalid(), I made my own function using regex I found online for validating emails.
Validation worked fine. Sometimes the form was slow, for seemingly no reason with there being no queries or anything which would slow things down. As it was occasional and seemingly unreplicatable, I ignored it.
Yesterday, a particular form, which was prepopped with a new member's email, stopped working. After submit, and a few minutes waiting, there was a timeout error with error pointing at cfmail. Commenting out cfmail just moved the line reported to a cfoutput tag. After some collaborative troubleshooting, we figured out that the issue was the long email.
I replace my custom function with isvalid(), which fixed the problem. However, the timeout still made no sense, so I took a close look at the regex I was using. The issue was that the + was outside the parenthesis, instead of inside. The longer the email, the longer ColdFusion would spend capturing all the possible matches. Adding ?: did not help. Moving the + inside, did. This is the correct regex to use if not using isvalid().

Sunday, July 12, 2015

An unintentional missile

"The others found their chairs and slid neatly into them. Except - inevitably - for Carson Clinkscales, who managed to trip over what appeared to be his own feet. The ensign fell to his right, and his left arm, windmilling for balance, took Lieutenant Commander McGinley's GSN cap off her head. The heavy peaked cap catapulted across the conference table, hit the polished surface, slid past Andreas Venizelos' reaching hand with demonic precision, and struck a carafe of ice water dead center. The unintentional missile had just enough kinetic energy to knock the carefe over, and water exploded from it as the top some steward had neglected to fasten properly popped clear. Three different people clutched for the carafe, bot none reached it, and Captain Greentree gasped as the container rolled off the table and an ice-cold fountain inundated his lap."
Weber, D. In Enemy Hands 169.

Monday, November 17, 2014

New York State 2014 Elections

New York State Board of Elections is still not showing all districts to have reported in, 15,018 out of 15,056. However, at this point, it's unlikely they'll update the count so the numbers used are the ones listed there currently.

With all the opposition to the SAFE Act and Common Core, why did Cuomo win?

As per NYS Board of Elections, there are currently 10,827,434 registered voters, out of a population of 19,651,127 (2013 estimate by US Census Bureau). In the 2012 presidential election, 6,976,373 people voted, 2,490,496 being Republican. In the 2008 presidential election, 7,557,716 voted, 2,752,771 being Republican. In the 2004 presidential election, 7,276,847 voted, 2,962,567 being Republican. In all presidential elections since 1960, other than 1996 when 1,933,492 people voted Republican, Republican vote has been an average of 2 to 3 million.

Cuomo won with 1,951,247 votes. If in the last 4 presidential elections, the Republican presidential candidate received more votes than that, what happened?

The answer is very simple; nobody voted. In this election, there was a total of only 3,717,366 votes, a little over 50% of the average votes cast in presidential elections. Not only that, but in New York City, the voter turn out this year, 976,467, was even worse than last year's mayoral election where only 1,087,710 people voted out of an average of 2.5 million who vote in presidential election.

While many people online commented that at their poll site upstate there was a massive voter turnout, when all is said and done, only half of the regular voters voted. In a city of 19.6M people, out of 10.8M registered voters, out of an average of 7M active voters, only 3.7M people voted.

Why did Cuomo win? Because, whether because of "My vote doesn't count" or "The Republican candidate is not perfect" or complacency or just plain laziness, people didn't vote.

The saddest part is that NYC Republicans, after last year's elections where less than 50% of regular voters bothered to vote, haven't learned their lesson and even less people showed up to vote this year.

The question you should ask yourself is, if all Republicans would register and vote, is NY really a blue state, or is it a red state after all.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Great Kosher Restaurant Magazine Scavenger Hunt is On!

Guest post by Bracha Komarov

Whether you’re a kosher restaurant “foodie” or you just like to go out to eat once in a while, The Great Kosher Restaurant Magazine Scavenger hunt has fun for everyone. The magazine advertises over 200 top kosher restaurants worldwide, their menus and other pertinent information. Elan Kornblum, also known as “The Restaurant Guy,” first published the magazine in 2004. To celebrate its 10th anniversary, a scavenger hunt has been going on which gives teams of family and friends chances to try new dishes while advertising on Facebook about the great restaurants in the magazine. Now in its third and final week of the hunt, each week there are 30-40 “challenges” that teams must try to accomplish. Some of the challenges were as simple as taking a selfie in front of a GKRM restaurant, while others were taking a picture of video trying dishes in certain restaurants. Some challenges took lots of guts – singing menu items in opera voice, singing happy birthday with a store manager, and even asking a non-GKRM restaurant own why he isn’t in the magazine. With 30+ teams competing, there’s a lot of competition going on. You can check out the website to see what it’s all about and you can still join a team or create your own for the last few, fun days. Visit for more about the hunt and for more about the magazine and to order your must-have copy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cuomo vs Astorino debate AKA will you please stick to the question asked

Watched the debate. That was entertaining.

McDermott a Libertarian? Since when do Libertarians oppose charter schools? And as a Libertarian, no vocal opposition of unSAFE act? And what's with the "people, people, people"? Let the people, have the people, in people's hands. And how exactly does he envision that? In the beginning, he sounded like he was high and in the end, I thought he was going to cry.

Hawkins seemed to be seeing ghosts everywhere, look at the damn camera. Communism mixed with actual Libertarianism? That was different. The only guy to actual answer questions and not sound high. Still a Green though, so no vote for you.

Astorino, considering his dependence on upstate NY, should've spent more time on unSAFE, while deviating from questions, and less mudslinging about, repeatedly, the same thing. Surprised he didn't even mention, and neither did the panelists, Cuomo's misuse of state resources to promote Cuomo's failed book. Bad move on his answer about drugs too.

Cuomo's gotta go. Lying, lying, and more lying. Commie Core is not his? Other governors ensured that it won't be in their states, he didn't. No Common Core grading for 5 years? How about actually keeping it out of the state. And how about Obama lunches. Charter Schools are the way to go to oppose both. And his comment, he didn't say it, well he said it, but he didn't mean it, and it's all Astorino's fault!

Buffalo News fielding a stupid question about a stadium, and obviously ignoring all the questions about unSAFE? Not cool, not cool at all.

The Libertarian should spend some time learning how to be a Libertarian instead of a right leaning Democrat. Astorino needs to focus more on the issues. Cuomo's gotta go. The Green guy's gotta go to Germany or some other Green European country because he'll be very miserable here. And the panelists, how about focusing on questions relevant to the entire state and not just your county.