Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Pet Peeves - Driving

  • People who think stop all way is the same as a stop sign and start crawling out slowly.
  • People who double park next to a car with empty space in front and behind the parked car.
  • People who drive left to make a right turn even though they're not driving a truck.
  • People who buy sports cars and then drive 5 below speed limit.
  • People who social distance when parking. Your car doesn't need to be 6' away from other cars, it's not going to catch covid.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Upgrading to ColdFusion 2021

 If you're thinking of upgrading to CF21 and you use cfspreadsheet in your code, don't.

Cfspreadsheet, when doing read, randomly locks files anywhere from minutes to hours. The only way to get rid of the lock if you want to move or delete the file is to restart the main instance even if the file was locked by another instance.

On July 22nd, Adobe said that the issue is fixed in Update 2, but gave no eta from when Update 2 will be released.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Upgrading to MySQL 8: rank

 Rank is a reserved keyword in MySQL 8. Before upgrading, make sure it's not a table name, column, or alias used in a query.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Toyota Microphone Not Working

Do you have a recent model Toyota with Entune? Did your microphone and/or wifi suddenly stop working? The wifi app doesn't work. You can make and receive calls and can hear the other party but they can't hear you. Voice commands don't work anymore.

The issue is likely the DCM. You can verify it by looking at the display and seeing the DCM greyed out even when bluetooth is connected. Also, the SOS in the ceiling doesn't have a green light.

The fix is simple. Open the hood. Open the fuse box on the right. Pull out and put back the DCM fuse.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Facebook Community Standards

Things which violate Facebook Community Standards:
  • Calling MS-13 untermenschen
  • Calling BDS supports white trash
Things which don't violate Facebook Community Standards:
  • Saying that Israeli agents planted bombs in Twin Towers
  • Comparing IDF to Nazis
  • Saying that pedophilia is part of Ashkenazi Jews' culture
  • Calling all Jews murderers
  • Saying that Jews control the media, courts, banks, wars, cancer industry, etc.
  • Claim that Jews murder children for blood
  • Calls for Muslims to unite and murder Jews

Thursday, December 27, 2018

ColdFusion - using a colon in sql with queryexecute

queryexecute doesn't seem to allow escaping colons in sql.
Using MySQL regexp character classes will throw an error if entered in the sql directly.
A workaround is to add the regex expression as a queryparam.

The following will throw an error:
queryexecute("SELECT [column] REGEXP '[[:character-class:]]'...");

Here's the workaround:
queryexecute("SELECT [column] REGEXP :regex...",{regex:{value:"'[[:character-class:]]'"}});

Monday, August 7, 2017

Child unfriendly

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
"Water in plastic bottles may be brought into the Museum. Other food or drink is not allowed and may not be checked at the coat checks."

National Museum of the American Indian
"There are no facilities for eating in the museum. Food may not be consumed in the museum."
Entry and re-entry involves x-ray and search of bags and backpacks, going through a metal detector, and removal anything metal, including belts.