Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Meme - Finish The Sentences

Saw babysitter jewishside post this and decided to have some "fun" with it. :-D

Instructions: Finish The Following 8 Sentences.

  1. I wish I could…
  2. My biggest fear is…
  3. I hate to…
  4. I love…
  5. Today I will…
  6. Yesterday I…
  7. My hair is…
  8. I will never…
My "answers" :-D

Instructions: Finish The Following 8 Sentences.

  1. I wish I could deport all stupid people.
  2. My biggest fear is that stupid people will rule America and/or Israel. OMG!!! It came true! On both counts!
  3. I hate to read something that contains grammar/spelling mistakes.
  4. I love sleeping and eating.
  5. Today I will maybe go to Staples.
  6. Yesterday I bought an otoscope on Amazon.
  7. My hair is supposedly dirty blond.
  8. I will never understand why natural selection doesn't work for stupid people.


  1. I know I've never met you in person, but I've seen pictures... people think your hair is dirty blond?!

  2. The clerk at DMV wrote hazel for eyes and blond for hair.

  3. Moshe: I can imagine FrumSkeptic writing some of your answers.

    and I think your beard looks orange.

    and what's an otoscope?

    and lol, I like seeing my new name!

  4. Yep, fellow hater ;-)

    Beard, yes, but my hair is not and never was. Weird, no?

    What a doctor uses to check nose and ears.

    Well, we'll forever think of you as the babysitter.

  5. right, I forgot what color your hair is..

    I thought that's called a stethoscope?

    yea, I know :-)

  6. A stethoscope is what a doctor uses to listen to your heartbeat and breathing. Have one already.

  7. o, I wasn't reading right.

    It comes with a manual of how to use it?

  8. Most enjoyable MeMe!
    What's in Staples that isn't on Amazon?

  9. Not sure. There's always google and wiki. ;-)
    I also have doctors and nurses friends.

  10. CDs and jewel cases. CDs can order on newegg, but, probably gonna have shipping. Jewel cases I ordered online once, I think Amazon, a third of them were broken.

  11. I could have probably filled yours in for you except the going to staples part, and the otoscope.

  12. I wish I could more often air without it smelling so goddam terrible.

  13. oops that was *breathe air*