Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Star Pirates

For the last couple of months I've been playing an awesome game. It's an MMO but is not even flash, plain html, yet very fun and highly addictive. The game is Star Pirates. It somewhat reminds me of the good old BBS game TradeWars 2002. Yes, I'm that old.

You can play solo or join a fleet. You can play for free or pay or get someone in the game to pay for you. Paying members get certain perks that help you in the game but are not necessary and the price is only $4.50/month. You start out with a small weak ship and a basic weapon. As you earn more money in the game and find items you can use or sell for profit, you upgrade your ship and your equipment. With luck and strategy you can easily end up more powerful than the paying players.

Part of what makes this game fun is the one more turn al a civilization. One more kill to get you to next level, one more research to get your stats high enough to switch to a better paying job. A great evil is that you can only search for loot once an hour and until your level is high enough, this is your only way for finding items and money. This makes you go back to the game every hour in search for that elusive rare find that will spell the difference between winning and defeat. This game is also constantly in development. Gameplay tweaks, new items, holiday specific items and more.

Join the game and unlike me, you wont even have to start at the bottom. If you see that you like the game, message me and I'll provide you with decent, not great, those I need for myself, set of equipment and maybe even some money for a new ship.


  1. Dude, if you used to like the classic TradeWars game, check out the new browser based remake at

    It's pretty cool...

  2. I'll actually let this spam stay as it's relevant.

    I'm spending most of my time on Star Pirates. I might check it out but from the screenshots, it doesn't look too appealing. Too much focus on graphics instead of staying true to the original. The beauty of Star Pirates is that I can play on the computer or on my cell. There's almost no graphics, yet it's still very fun and highly addictive.

  3. Didn't get your experience at all. I started out in a pretty weak fleet which I helped make more powerful and have been recently promoted to a fleet director. My starting weapon, laser.

    The only money I spent was the $4.50 for notorious and only after several months of playing.

    I looked you up, you're in a more powerful fleet and you're also notorious so I don't see what you're complaining about.

    I have been occasionally onlined when I wasn't fast enough and was too lazy to shipyard myself first. Several of my fleet mates have been harassed but the matter was quickly settled with the offender's fleet leaders. The only people who I've seen really targeted are those that complain or spam the shoutbox.

  4. Shadowsdream has his own Fleet. There's no way that comment came from him, I was searching on him and this popped up. It's somebuddy hiding behind his name maybe one of the wierdos that get banned for ranting at other people (maybe rayvenx that loony) or one of the guys trying to cheat with multiple accts (CK!).

    Anyone who plays knows its impossible to permayard when your out in 9 minutes and you are safe for 10 and since ducktape's a very common item, I have hundreds stockpiled.

    So watch out that might mean you get some more comments from this guy under other phony names coming up - friendly warning.

  5. Thanks to a fellow SP Player this post and comment was brought to my attention.

    No idea who really wrote that comment or why they used my SP Name and Player ID URL. It wasn't me however and I'd appreciate if the blog owner would remove the comment.

    Thank you,

    The Real Shadowsdream

  6. This game is a complete waste of time. I played it for 4 months and realized its a chat room with a couple of crap graphics. The PvP aspect makes you want to go buy their products for real life cash to get even, but even $500 USD wouldn't get you the stats you need to protect yourself.

    They have a good thing going from a game aspect. 200 addicted people paying into their bank account to talk in a chat room. I applaud the game makers.

    There are good things, there are bad things. This is just a warning to spend NO extra money than the 4.50 as it won't do what you think it will.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Man, "Anonymous" or "RayvenX" as we should call you. Your butt got banned because you're totally antisocial and is a social game. That's the point of it. Fun by itself, but social when you want it.

  9. It's amusing I'm automatically anyone that badmouths Starpirates. I had my differences with the admins and a few rather "ruthless" players and did ask to be banned both literally and metaphorically. I do however, have the cahones to post using my actual name. I sometime in the last year and a half sent a letter to the admins with an apology and congratulations on the success of the game. I'd appreciate it if my name wasn't turned into a metaphor for a troublemaker as there were many that acted as I did on different levels.