Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Price Alert - Pomegranate

No minimum purchase
Chicken Drumsticks - $2.99/lb
New Square Milk - $2.49/.5 gallon

$14.99 minimum purchase
Nature's Own Apple Juice - $1.69/64oz
Barbara's Puffins - $2.39/12oz
Paskesz Square Rice Cakes - $.89
Tomatoes and Plum tomatoes - $.79/lb

Check out instant miso soup in ethnic section. I'm looking for people who'll split an order with me.


  1. how much is an order? I may be able to splir

  2. Need to order over $300 for free shipping so 100 4 packs, $309. They have red (hearty) and white (mild) miso soups.

  3. I'll can split, splir, and splur. I love soup but I have to make sure theirs is good. Have you tried it?

  4. Yep. I wanted to try white but they don't have anymore. If you want, come over during the week and try.

  5. btw, login to google and then comment. Right now your comments aren't tagged blogger.

  6. Puffin's a penguin. In this case, it's a really good cereal.

  7. lol. Right. Been to Alaska and seen lots of puffin puns. Didn't know about the cereal though...