Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sleep walking

Several times, Shlomik climbed into my bed while I was sleeping and went to sleep.  Last night was slightly different.

We're trying to get Shlomik to stop wearing diapers and to use the potty.  Last night, he again climbed into my bed while I was sleeping.  When I woke up in the morning, I saw that he was in my bed but didn't notice anything different.  NY went to sleep late and I was still sleepy so I went back to sleep for another hour.  Shlomik informed me he wanted to watch cartoons and climbed out of bed ahead of me, that's when I noticed that he wasn't wearing a diaper. What the?!  As I followed him to his room, I came upon his potty, situated in the middle of the doorway and definitely not empty.

Last night, Shlomik climbed out of his crib.  Took of his diaper and threw it in the garbage.  Then he dragged out his potty into the doorway and peed in it.  The night's escapades were concluded with his climbing into my bed, sans diaper.


  1. And I'm sure you're greatful for your dry bed:)

  2. Got to get him a harder crib to get out of.

  3. sally, indeed I was.

    mike, the side was up, the only thing harder would be a box. He's very adept at climbing.

  4. So he did this all while sleep walking? or he was up?

    and your bed was dry at the end?

    and congrats to him!

  5. I'm guessing he was up. I slept through the whole thing.

  6. He is one strong willed kid!

  7. Have you met Moshe skier