Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm a member of frumsex group on yahoo.  Why?  It was sorta funny and entertaining in the beginning, that is before I found calmkallahs.  Though even that got boring after some time.  Why am I still a member?  Idiots contacting me and asking asl with my reply being my blog link, "you wanna know, go look" :-D

Several days ago I was contacted by with same question.  He got the same response.  He also said he had a proposition for me but never said what it was.

Then he contacted me again today and here's the chat log:

(3:06:26 PM) divreitorah: Hey
(3:06:35 PM) divreitorah: So we are interested?
(3:06:36 PM) virwulf613: yo
(3:06:40 PM) virwulf613: in?
(3:06:42 PM) divreitorah: R u?
(3:06:47 PM) divreitorah: In the swap
(3:06:51 PM) virwulf613: what swap?
(3:06:56 PM) virwulf613: you never said anything
(3:07:03 PM) divreitorah: I told u about it last werk
(3:07:06 PM) virwulf613: didn't
(3:07:13 PM) divreitorah: Swapping partners for a nuggt
(3:07:13 PM) virwulf613: only planning to tell me
(3:07:15 PM) divreitorah: Night
(3:07:33 PM) virwulf613: yeah right
(3:07:42 PM) divreitorah: R u interessted?
(3:08:15 PM) virwulf613: nope, and guess what's gonna happen now, posting this convo with your email on my blog :-P
(3:08:28 PM) virwulf613: thanks for the traffic :-D
(3:08:45 PM) divreitorah: Why u doing that?
(3:08:59 PM) virwulf613: cause you're a moron and a loser
(3:09:01 PM) virwulf613: haha
(3:09:13 PM) divreitorah: Be that way


  1. wow, so it's true, people really do swap wives! oy vey! and with such a screen name, it's an insult to the Torah!

  2. I know. At least use a different username or something. What a moron.

  3. Funny, and weird. Explain to me WHY people do this? Forget it, I know...I just don't get it.

  4. People do it all the time, I had a professor proposition for a one night stand and I was shocked. Then I realized that since I have a filthy mouth I'll probably be subject to such suggestions.

    Oh well, I'm a toughie.

    Hey, so I wish you could've seen the retarded comment somebody left on my blog about how I shouldn't refer to someone as a "disgusting thing" (aka shiksa). I think that's funny...because the girl I was talking is indeed disgusting.

  5. talking about...gah..I can't type.

  6. Ew. Ew. Ew. I have many issues with this, but the one that sticks out in my mind right now is: Did he really think your wife would agree to this simply because you said so (well, that's if you actually had agreed to it)?

  7. You know, maybe I should've messed with him a little, gotten pictures of both, address, etc. Then posted everything. :-D

    Yes, I'm an asshole and I love it!

  8. Its somewhere between sad and hilarious, methinks.

  9. And why would I want to have "frum" sex either? hole in da sheet?

  10. And when you wanna do something kinky, hole in the shower curtain. ;-)

  11. I just came by to show you this funny tech support cheat sheet

  12. Heh, yeah. I have his converting to metric guide on my fridge.
    You read userfriendly?

  13. checked it out now, interesting comic

    Bizzaro is also interesting

  14. I keep meaning to put up my reading list...maybe next post.

  15. Sheesh lol.. Some people... *pukes* (Referring to DT not you, Moshe :p lol.)

  16. omg, this is nuts!! can't believe there really are ppl like that in the world. And I'm not saying that you Moshe are a great guy, but better than some out there. Good for you.

  17. Omg you make me even more nauseous than the guy who propositioned you. Does your wife know that you belong to this group? And troll CalmKallahs like a horny teenager?? You're a grown man with children!! Get a life!!!

  18. Yeah, she knows. She also finds them funny.
    If you're gonna leave a nasty comment, then don't hide behind anonymous you pathetic gutless loser.