Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Web Comics/Manga

I've been putting this off for a while, mostly because some of these are hard to categorize.  Instead, here they are in alphabetical order:

Alien Dice - sci-fi, cute animals, girl meets alien boy
AppleGeeks - sci-fi, gaming, cyborg girl, comedy
Blip - fantasy, demons, angels, witches, cyborgs, vampires, all rolled into a comedy
Candi - slice of life, comedy, college
Charliehorse - comedy, succubus summoned to help a guy get a date, sometimes borderline NSFW
Ctrl + Alt + Del - gaming, insanely funny, robots, parody
Ctrl + Alt + Del: Sillies - a more insane daily version of the above
DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary - slice of life, comedy, occasionally NSFW
Devil's Panties - slice of life, comedy
Dilbert - if you don't know what this is, you suck
The Dreamland Chronicles - fantasy, dreamland, comedy, 3D
El Goonish Shive - sci-fi, furries, comedy, fantasy
Errant Story - fantasy, elves, half-elves, comedy
Faans - sci-fi, fantasy, secret organizations
Flipside - fantasy, occasionally NSFW
Get Fuzzy - syndicated, talking cat and dog, somewhat anti republican but still funny
Girls with Slingshots - slice of life, comedy
Girly - fantasy, slice of life, comedy, sometimes borderline NSFW
Kevin & Kell - slice of life, comedy, world of talking animals with a wolf married to a rabbit
Marilith - female assassins, enough said
Least I Could Do - slice of insanity and comedy
Lizzy - sci-fi, cyberpunk, FLASH, occasionally NSFW
The Lounge: Sexy, Cute, and Purrific - slice of life, comedy, occasionally borderline NSFW
MegaTokyo - slice of life, fantasy, sci-fi
Menage a 3 - slice of life, comedy, frequently NSFW
Misfile - slice of life, racing, fantasy, comedy
Moose Head Stew - slice of life, comedy
The Noob Comic - gaming, mmorpg parody, comedy
Off The Mark - syndicated, parody
Okashina Okashi - sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, occasionally borderline NSFW
Otaku no Yen - slice of life, comedy
Over the Hedge - syndicated, comedy, talking animals
Penny and Aggie - slice of life, comedy, drama
Penny Arcade - gaming, comedy, parody
Pinky TA - sci-fi, occasionally borderline NSFW
PvPonline - gaming, fantasy, friendly ogre, parody, comedy
Questionable Content - slice of life, comedy, robots
Sherman's Lagoon - syndicated, talking fish, comedy
Sinfest - fantasy, parody, occasionally borderline NSFW
Sore Thumbs - fantasy, comedy, occasionally borderline NSFW
Trying Human - sci-fi, comedy, greys, occasionally NSFW - tech support, fantasy, comedy
VG Cats - gaming, parody, comedy
Wapsi Square - slice of life, fantasy, mythology, comedy
Weregeek - gaming, slice of life, comedy
xkcd - no one can be told what the xkcd really is, you have to see it for yourself
The Zombie Hunters - fantasy, zombies
Zortic - sci-fi, parody, comedy


  1. I've read about 13 of the comics listed here, but this is great, whenever I need something new I can always look at this! Thanks!!

  2. I think you'd enjoy El Goonish Shive and Errant Story. Maybe Wapsi Square. Prob Alien Dice.

    Which ones have you read?

  3. I've read:
    Dreamland Chronicles
    El Goonish Shive
    Get Fuzzy
    Least I Could Do
    Moosehead Stew
    The NooB Comic

  4. I actually bought the Grace weresquirrel t-shirt. Hate the guy though, he's so slow to update, especially now.