Sunday, August 2, 2009

Seven things I love

I have been tagged by The Jewish Side in the “Seven things I love” meme.

The way it works is simple: List the seven things you love and tag seven other bloggers.

Not being one to take things seriously, here are my 7:

  1. I love beer.

  2. I love animals. I love looking at them, petting them, feeding them, and then eating them.

  3. I love babies, as long as they're not ugly babies and they are laughing and/or smiling.

  4. I love anime and tentacles. While this is not self explanatory for everyone, those who don't know what I'm talking about, I suggest not googling it for your own sanity.

  5. I love making fun of stupid people. For same reason I love comedians who make fun of stupid people.

  6. I love not wearing clothes and that is why I love my Shabbat Robe, aka Yukata aka Kimono. If G-d would've wanted us to wear clothes, he'd gives us fur.

  7. I love music, with the exception of the horrible American chareidi music that kills your braincells and turns you into a slobbering braindead zombie who follows any kind of bs ban the Elders of Zion make up out of boredom.

I tag: Barb, Sallie, La Poutine Cachere, Childish, Frum Punk, MAK and FrumCurious.


  1. LAME!

    Just kidding.

    And some do have fur - have you ever met sephardim? Hahaha.

  2. I'm glad you took it seriously!

    I also love babies obviously.

    I also don't like wearing clothes, right when I come home I take off my shirt, skirt, socks and shoes! Funny how they all start with a "s".

  3. Difference is you put on a robe ;-)

  4. Actually I don't put on a robe, I really should, so if I'm in my parents room and my father is learning then I'll put on a shirt. Otherwise I just wear pj's, or a "wife beater" and slip. Since I usually sit/lay on my bed when I'm on my laptop, I don't want to get the germs from outside onto my bed.

  5. kinky ;-)
    So your brother has a problem with you singing but not with the way you dress?!

  6. lol, there's nothing really wrong with it, just no sleeves. He's working now, so he's not home most of the day, and he calmed down about these things, doesn't stop me singing anymore. Though my little brother still does.

  7. 4. really? the tentacles? (and what does it say for me that I know exactly what this is?)

  8. Jodan, jodan!
    As far as what it says about you, when added to your drinking super powers, you da man, dude! ;-)

  9. Remember that feeding comes before eating. ;-)

  10. *checks* Nope, still not.