Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sale Alert - Glatt Mart

Chicken Breast - $3.99/lb
Yams - $.49/lb
Ironically, the on sale yams look much better than the regular ones.


  1. wow, .49/lb is much less than 3.99/lb.
    I've never had a yam before. Used to mix it up with ham, so I thought it was no kosher at first.

  2. So I went to Glatt Mart. Even got a spot around the corner (must be because of your blog entry...).
    Bought yams, onions (.89/3 lbs,), chicken breast ( though originally thought of making something beefy for shabbat), decent looking cholent meat, etc. Basically, did 1/2 of my shabbat shopping there so thanks again for the tip:)
    Oh, almost forgot. They wanted to charge me 1.99 for a pepper that was 1.49... The mistake was corrected and .21 /saved (though more importantly, a principle was upheld).

    PS I agree with Jacob, I don't think the Babysitter is kidding but I got a good chuckle just the same...

  3. I buy lamb breast, $4.50/lb. When you put it on the bottom of the crockpot, the bones become very soft.

    Did you the card? You get $5 coupon after each $200 you spend.

    Yeah...I was just really hoping that it was a joke...

  4. you guys are all so, so mean. I did laugh.