Friday, April 18, 2008

Chicken thighs for Pesach

I use a small wok for most of my Pesach cooking. One great way to use it is for chicken cut in 8 or chicken thighs. The wok is just the right size for 4 chicken thighs. I like to use apricot or cranberry based chicken sauce, half a bottle or about 9 oz. To shorten the cooking time, cover with a narrow, tight fitting lid that should rest about half an inch above the chicken.

Chag Kasher V'Sameach!


  1. OMG, Apricot chicken is by far the greatest pesach food ever to be in existence (except for Matzoh ofcourse). Problem is, I tried to make it, completely messed up. was not good at all. smelled terribly. but at my freinds house, MMMMMM.

    Anywayz, have a great rest of pesach. :)

  2. This time I used Savion Chicken Sauce with Apricots. No water, no oil, just chicken and sauce. Over Yom Tov, I cooked a chicken cut in 4 like that. Best is with a wok, don't know if it will come out as well in a frying pan.
    In the beginning, cook on medium/high, then low, then uncover and medium/high again. It's done when it's a nice orange color on all sides. Make sure to flip them over a couple times.
    I bought my wok in Happy Home. Don't know if they still have it though. The wok is 9.5", the cover is 8.5", glass, with a steam hole.

  3. And now I'm hungry with nothing but leftover mushy kugel. Thanks man.

    I need a wife or a live in cook.

  4. frum punk:

    "I need a wife or a live in cook"

    Or just learn to cook. :)

  5. Or learn to cook yourself. All you really need is a good wok.
    I also made stir fry in it. Cut up one chicken breast into small pieces. Stir fry, on high, no water and no oil, in bbq sauce until cooked on all sides. Mix in frozen stir-fry vegetables, add some more bbq sauce and a couple splashes of Slivovits Plum Brandy and cook covered on medium heat until vegetable are done.

    You can also make curry, though curry powder is not kosher l'pesach, I think shawarma spices would be an adequate substitute. Haven't tried it myself though, maybe for last days. My recipe is on my site.

  6. btw, for curry, just replace all the spices with shawarma spices and add some crushed tomatoes or tomato sauce from a can.

  7. wat? We have kosher l'pesach curry powder!

  8. Real one or the new artificially flavored crap from Israel that Mountain Fruit is selling?
    Curry powder contains mustard seeds which are kitniyot.

  9. Oy vey... We didn't use it this year, so i have no idea if its the real stuff or not. I guess I gotta check if its kitniyot or not..

    do u know about Tumeric, I may as well check in the mornings, and put the stuff to the side. IF we don't have the imitation stuff, all i have to say is B"H you're allowed to own kitniyot just not eat it. lol

    oy vey...I'm gonna be tense all night now.

  10. Doesn't appear to be.