Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fitna watchers in danger.

If you've watched Fitna on LiveLeak, you may be in danger. Al Qaeda operatives hacked LiveLeak last night and have obtained IP lists of people who watched the video. It has become known that there are also secret Al Qaeda operatives employed by many internet service provider companies. Several have been caught but more are still operating. They have been able to match the IP lists to ISP's lists of users and addresses. LiveLeak, working with government agencies and ISPs, have posted a list of affected ISPs. If your ISP is on this list, it's important that you contact your local law enforcement immediately.
You can view the list here.


  1. You're a funny dude, Moshe. Ibrahim ibn Ishaq (a.k.a. Alan)

  2. Are you a mentalist? Where do you get this crap from?