Thursday, April 3, 2008


I just got a huge sense of accomplishment. For about two months I wanted to install gotalkmobile on my phone. I got a Data Error 905, Attribute Mismatched on each jad link. I got a can't display content error on each jar file. Copying the files to PC and from PC to the MicroSD was also fruitless. I tried contacting tech support. Had to wait one month for a useless reply. Finally, remembering a post about incorrect info in the jad, I decided to repackage it myself. One of my friends helped me find a jad generator, JADgen. The error was in the file. There were 4 lines that wrapped to next line and were saved that way. After putting them back on their respective lines and changing the install url to that of my site's, I generated the jad file and uploaded both files to my site. This time, the install ran without a hitch.

The install problem occurred on my Katana DLX. If you also get a Data Error 905, Attribute Mismatched, you can download the fixed version from my site. If you get this error from another application, feel free to contact me and I'll help you repackage the file yourself.


  1. You have not the last version (3.1.8, last = 3.1.9) on your site. I've just downloaded it and it instantly required an update.

    By the way, wrapping lines in manifest is following the Java standards. So it seems like your phone (Sanyo, right?) does not support Java well. :(

  2. Uploaded 3.1.9 fix. Also added the Rebel version.

    And it's one of the latest phones too, dag namit.