Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nachas Nachos™

Have you ever wished for some nachos when people wished you nachas from your kids?
Now, you can have both!

Introducing the new printable Nachas Nachos™.
For the low price $499.99, your children's school can purchase the amazing Nachas Nachos™ printer that will allow them to print your children's report cards on these delicious Nachas Nachos™!

Now you can have your nachas and eat them too!


  1. took me a little while to figure out it said "Nachos" the second time and not "Nachas".

    Cute idea, makes me think of endless things you can make that have the Nachas theme to it.

  2. You are weird! I'm sure some school will pick up on it though!

  3. Then I can sue them for stealing my idea!