Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fraud phone numbers

Just got a call from 829-322-2967. Several calls with the person hanging up if I picked up.
If you get a call from this number, do not call back. The number is a 900 pay per minute number and when you call back the scammer will try to keep you on the line as long as possible.

Here's a list of fraud/spam numbers that will either try to get you to call back or will tell you you won something and they need to charge you for shipping:
  • 829-322-2967 - pay per minute
  • 770-308-4054 - tries to get your credit card number
  • 777-555-2254 - tries to get your credit card number


  1. I think I remember seeing a website with a whole list of these numbers, maybe you can report it there too.

    I'm not sure what the website was that I had come upon before. But her's a different One

  2. Yah, there are a couple. There're usually there already but how many people are gonna be like you or me and google the number first.

  3. true, but the way I work it, is that if someone calls and I don't know the number and they don't leave a message then either, I google the number if it's not a cell number, or I just don't call back and I figure if it's important they'll call and leave a message.

  4. scary. we mainly have regular telemarketing calls.