Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer Special from Bank of America

From June 1st through August 31st, Bank of America will be giving 3 points per dollar on groceries and gas for its WorldPoints customers. Starting from 25,000 points, this becomes 3% cash back. Time to put away your other 3% back credit cards and start using your WorldPoints credit card.

Some of my friends say that it's too much bother to juggle cash back credit cards, going for that top dollar return. I get over $600 back per year, they get nothing.


  1. it is a bit annoying to juggle credit cards, but getting the rewards is awesome. And I don't spend enough to get $600 back/yr.
    whatever I do get back, makes me real happy.

    I agree to getting paid emails (like 3-5 cents per email) sent to my inbox (u can imagine the "junk" email) for the few dollars. I check my email anyway, why not get paid? Same with the credit card. You gonna buy whatever it is, why not get something out of it?

  2. Yep, free money is great. Just sent you an invite for a survey site. They pay well and have partial payment, unlike other sites. Made over $160 with them.

    Send me the site for paid emails.

    I invited some other people to the survey site. All of them, even those who needed the money, were like "I have to spend 20 minutes filling stuff out and all I get is $3?! Whatever."
    So while they bitch, I get money for surveys, money from credit cards, money from bank.

  3. how is this deal different from other 3% deals? I don't see the difference. btw, Discover is giving 5% back on gas during the same time period.

  4. Don't have a car and not a member of KKK so no use for gas.

    What's different is that most cash back programs or only up to $300/year so you need to go from one to another once you reach you maximum for that year. Also, BOA WorldPoints has no maximum cashout, however it's only 1% most of the time. It does have higher percentages with certain sites like staples and overstock.

  5. well, i currently use Discover and BOA, but actually prefer discover. their points are higher than BOA, customer service is pretty good (BOA - terrible), if you pay online, you can pay up to your due date (BOA must be two business days prior). Discover interest is higher, but if one don't carry over balances, then it matters little. And there's no limit on how much you can cash out. They actually do it much more convenient than BOA - instead of sending you cash, they directly credit your account. I am actually thinking of closing this CC once I get my Chase (thanks for the tip!). the only reason why I have it is b/c I had MBNA which merged with BOA.

  6. Well, most places don't take Discover, especially Jewish stores which is where I shop.

    Funny, that's actually the same reason I have BOA. The only reason I haven't closed it yet is because I don't have enough points to cash out and too many to throw away.

  7. Mountain Fruit and Avi take Discover. I think Glatt mart too. Yeah another reason I was holding on to the BOA is b/c Discover is not always taken. I was just waiting for the right Visa/MC to come along.

  8. Capital One is currently offering 3.50% APY on accounts with totals of $10K and above - one of the highest rates in the nation. Alan