Friday, June 6, 2008

Bad parenting

Today, Shlomik asked me for a cookie. A big cookie, at least 4" in diameter. I gave it to him and I'll give him another one later. Why would I give my 2 year old a big, not healthy cookie instead of something that's good for him? That's because I'm a bad parent. I've managed to convince him that rice cakes are cookies. Who needs a small cookie, when you can have a cookie that's at least twice the size and is always soft!

I don't have soda in my house or any of those sugar filled snacks that parents so love to give to their kids. The group that my son goes to has home cooked meals and snacks, a big reason for why he's there considering the price they charge. No sugar snacks at home and no sugar snacks in day care and when my dad picks him up from group and they go for a walk, the cookie is a saltine.

Right now, he's sitting on my lap and eating another one of his favorite snacks, raisins.


  1. Shlomik is so cute :)!!!!!!!

    LOL. I still love raisens, and on most occassions I would choose raisens over chocolate. :). lol

    My parents also raised me with all healthy food...and then i became old enough to buy by own food :-). I used to bring "healthy" snacks to school, while all my friends bought chips, fruit roll ups, and other such snacks.

    ANd ofcourse that one time I brought moyva (salty fish). :). But I wasn't allowed to bring that back. It grossed too many of my friends out and my teacher couldnt stand the smell. haha :-)

  2. shoulda brought vobla, that has an even better aroma ;-)

    I brought both to work. Some hated it, some loved it. One of the guys would run out to the gas station and get beer and we'd stink up the whole place. I even fed some vobla caviar to the warehouse cat. She ate it asked for more!

    Vobla with caviar is pretty easy to get, but the most awesome thing is to find that one moiva with caviar. That tastes so awesome!

  3. Moshe: Amazing...I wonder when he gets older if he'll stay that way and eat healthily. Hopefully for all the effort you put into it he will.

    I remember as a little kid, raisins and pretzels were considered the nebby foods, so nobody wanted to eat them. I actually never tasted raisins. But I do like pretzels.

    What is caviar?
    don't food like those need refrigeration?

  4. Like he got a choice. We don't eat garbage either so none of it in teh house.

    You never had caviar?! Nebach. Go to Meyer or Golan Heights and buy some red caviar. Or black caviar from Meyer, cheaper.

    And my kid's gonna get martial arts training so someone making fun of what he eats not gonna be a problem

  5. o, now I remember what caviar is, I saw it in a movie once. Never saw it in real life though.

    Meyer? Golan Heights? who? where?

    I wouldn't say violence is the answer!

  6. Meyer's bakery on J and 14 and Golan Heights on J and Coney.

  7. ok cool, I used to always be walking there, and I never noticed those places. Now I'm rarely there, maybe when I go to the bank I'll check it out.