Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sale Alert - Glatt Mart

Prices are with a $10 non-sale purchase.

Peaches and Nectarines - $.69/lb
Tomatoes on the Vine - $1.29/lb
Givat Ice Pops (10pk) - $2.69
Hunts BBQ sauce - $.99
Plastic Plates - $4.99
Chicken Cutlets - $3.99/lb
Tuna & Avacado sushi - $3.95

Meat with bone, a lot of pieces are from flanken, the always cheap $3.99/lb


  1. stick to costco for plates and other paper/plastic goods

    i don't always like the quality of glatt mart fruits/vegetables

    the sushi sounds interesting. i don't touch it, but my wife and son love it.

  2. No car. When used to do IT for teh warehouse that supplies a lot of teh local stores, I'd get really good prices.

    Fruits/vegetables are better and cheaper than the other local stores.

    Dude, sushi's great. Try it once. Btw, teh Chinese place next to Amazing Savings has very cheap sushi and cucumber sushi is only $2. Not sure if they're open Fridays though.

    Btw, you live nearby?

  3. $8.99 special in Manhattan's Kosher Delight (new) gets you half a sandwich (pick from any), soup and drink. I would say that it's their best deal available now and quite filling too (well, my friends, we're dealing with Manhattan prices).