Friday, July 23, 2010

Fish with pasta

Being very lazy and too lazy to cut potatoes, I created a variation on my shawarma fish. The name is due to the color and taste from the Israeli fish spices. Besides involving less work, this version can feed more people and is very much enjoyed by kids.

Cook half a box of elbow macaroni and set aside.
Take 2 bags of frozen tilapia or flounder and cut each piece into 4 parts.
In a large wok, fry the fish in toasted sesame oil.
When the fish doesn't look raw anymore, mix in the pasta and let it stand on a low flame for 2~3minutes.
Turn off the flame and add pasta sauce, preferably thick and preferably with mushrooms.
Let stand to allow the pasta to absorb flavor from the fish and pasta sauce.


  1. that sounds good but I think you accidentally a word in the penultimate sentence

  2. being really lazy i prefer to mix garlic with bazil and olive oil and lemon juice, put it on fish and then put it into oven for 20 mins. thats it. very fast, very tasty)

  3. I wont delete your spam, "toba", but only because it's somewhat relevant and you used your site's url as part of your userid and not a link.

    Your recipe only works for singles and small families. We have guests for every meal and when you're cooking for 12 to 20 people, or more, using just fish is expensive.

  4. lol, very sweet of you that you did not delite my *spam*. yes, you are right, in my family just me and my boyfriend)

  5. What pasta sauce do you use?
    Also make or buy?

  6. Preferably Frescorti as it has large pieces of vegetables in it.