Monday, July 26, 2010

Six Flags Great Adventure - No Dogs or Jews Allowed

Sunday we went with a group of friends to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey.  Because we went as a group, the price was only $25 plus tax which is an awesome deal.

From the start, we decided to split from the group as neither of us were interested on going on roller coasters, with the exception of the log ride.  We also went to the tiger show and got tickets for the safari tour bus.  At the arcades, I realized too late that the easiest way to get tickets was the incredibly easy, at least for me, shooting gallery.

Since we were there all day, we got hungry.  The event organizer called Great Adventure beforehand and asked if they have kosher vending machines, he was told that yes, they are present.  There is no information about kosher locations on Six Flags' website and no brochures in the park.  We went to Information to inquire where we can find some kosher food.  We were told there are no kosher vending machines and were sent to a section of the park which only had kosher ice cream.  Though not food, Information had no idea there was a store next door full of kosher candy, a fact we discovered as we were leaving the park.  Half of the park employees had no idea where exactly in the park there was kosher food, while the other half had no idea what kosher is.

Why am I complaining?  Because Six Flags has a strict no outside food or drink policy which is enforced by having all bags inspected and food confiscated.  Six Flags has made zero effort to provide kosher food for Jewish Orthodox patrons.  If you keep kosher, you will have to eat outside of the park as the Six Flags gestapo will not allow you to bring any food with you.  There is no separate brochure and nothing on the main map telling people which food establishments have kosher items and park staff is just as useless.  Movie theaters and zoos in New York now have kosher vending machines where you can get hot food.  Six Flags has nothing.

After we came home, I filed a complaint on Six Flags' site and BBB.  I invite everyone to do the same.
I wouldn't be surprised if  Six Flags' insensitivity includes even those people whose dietary needs are medical in nature.


  1. it doesn't when i go with yachad the kids can have a packed lunch and take juice boxes inside

  2. Dutch Wonderland is a better choice. Kosher food, sukkahs (during Sukkot of course) ... my kids had a great time and discount tickets are available

  3. Was an adult outing with most people wanting to go on kingda-ka and similar.

    How far away from Brooklyn is Dutch Wonderland?