Monday, April 13, 2009

Pesach Cooking 2009

Take 2 packs of frozen tilapia, preferably not Dagim.
Cut each fillet in half and then each half into 1" wide pieces.
Sprinkle with fish spices.
Take 2 potatoes and cut into similar size pieces.
Start frying the potatoes in a frying pan.
After all of the potatoes have changed color, add the fish and some more fish spices.
Stir, lower the flame and cover.
Cook, stirring occasionally until done.

Take 2 chickens, dump them into a crock pot 8 hours in advance and cover with your favorite sauce.

Layer 1: chopped garlic.
Layer 2: meat, chestnuts and walnuts.
Layer 3: salt, pepper, red hot paprika, honey, ground nutmeg.
Layer 4: yams, squash, ground meat, 2-3 hot dogs, 3 eggs.
Use a cup of coke or some slivovits for flavor.  Unfortunately no beer.


  1. The fish recipe looks interesting... I'll have to try making it some day.


  2. When having to cook for a lot of meals, I used to make salmon gefirte fish. Before it used to be an arm and a leg and since last year it's an arm, a leg, and a kidney. Frozen tilapia on the other hand, $3.50~$4 per pack.
    Stay away from Dagim, they clean it the Jewish way, scales still on tail.

  3. i don't particularly care for crock pot chicken. The bones get to soft.... but I defenitly like using it when we can't decide what we want. ITs the perfect thing to prepare last minute for shabbos.

    The fish really sounds interesting.

  4. lol, my mother likes to eat bones too, I used to always see her do it, that sometimes I would do it too when I was younger, but I haven't in a long time!