Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sears - Time, Well Wasted

Went to Sears with a friend to get a bigger AC as my old one from the previous apartment is not strong enough for my living room.

Picked out the AC, paid for it, was told to go to the back to pick it up even though there were at least 10 boxes by the display.

In the pick up section, there was a sign stating that if your purchase is not give to you within 5 minutes, you get $5 coupon. The sign also proclaimed that 100% of yesterday's customers got their item in less than 5 minutes.

There was a display in the pick up section which showed orders sent for pick up and average waiting time. Average waiting time was a minute and a half. My order was not entered into the computer and did not show up on the display. We waited for 25 minutes for my AC to be brought out.

My friend pointed out to the department manager that we were waiting for more than 5 minutes. He was told that you only get your coupon if you wait for 20 minutes. When informed that we waited for 25 minutes, he said he didn't have any coupons left. While we were waiting for my order to be brought out, my friend told me that when he went to buy a car seat in Sears, he waited for an hour because they forgot he was there.

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  1. Depending on which Sears you went to, their customer service could be atrocious. I had a very bad experience with them once - in the sporting goods department. Vowed to never come back. Kept good on my promise for about 5 years or so. I heard they got better, guess not. A lot depends on location.

  2. The beauty of internet shopping...

  3. @subs, this was by Kings Plaza. I filled out customer satisfaction survey and left contact info.

    @inks, when there's free shipping, yeah. This time was also the problem of not wanting to wait 2 weeks for it. Was also thinking of doing a meet at my place and my old one wouldn't handle 10+ people.

  4. We had a similar experience. We waited, and waited only to be told that the thing was not in stock.

  5. That's even worse!

    What I don't understand is why they couldn't just take one of the boxes by the display.