Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shidduch profile - "love to read"

The following was posted by a friend on Facebook and I just had to repost this:

have hazel eyes avrege wieght brown hair i love to read i like animals.i dont have a loud persanlity.i am practical by nature.and feel that sephardic tradition is very easygoing. This is what I am looking for in a mate: easygoing must be openminded and preferibly religious entire life not ball tusheva must be chalabi syrian good midot yerat shamayim must be honest

My favorite is the "i love to read". Read what? TV Guide?

The best way to learn spelling and grammar is to read. What can you possibly love, not like, but love, to read that would produce the above crime against the English language?! Maybe what she loves to read is VIN, YWN and other shidduch profiles because I can't think of any other reading material that would result in such eloquence.


  1. Ah! So she's talking about loving to read a specific children's book!
    Got it!

  2. Ball tusheva - sounds like something DS would say. Well, only "tusheva" part. Ball Tusheva - she sounds a bit preoccupied.

  3. Maybe she likes to read but in very small amounts. Only a couple of sentences at a time but with great fervor and religious zeal.

  4. Whats wrong with a "ball teshuvah"? better her parents were baal teshuvot

  5. Read again, it says "ball tusheva".