Sunday, February 14, 2010

Setting up a Facebook Page for your blog

You may want to set up a Facebook Page for your blog.  You can set it up separate from your regular profile and show a different email that you only use for your blog.

When setting up your Page, make sure to choose the correct category.  "Webpage" will only give you a place to put your url and an "established on" date.  "Writer" category, on the other hand, will allow you to add location, birthday and a more extended info.  You can experiment with the different categories to see what the difference is.  Have in mind, however, that Facebook does not allow changing the category of a Page, you would need to delete the page and recreate it under the new category.

Publish blog to Notes
Go to "Edit Page" which can be found under the Page's picture.  Click "edit" by "Notes" application.  Click on import settings.  For those who are using blogger, the rss feed link is http://[blog url]/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss.  When I was importing my blog, it took me 5 attempts before Facebook stopped giving me an "empty feed" error.  Keep clicking until your feed is accepted.

Placing a Notes box on your page's wall
Go to "Edit Page" which can be found under the Page's picture. Click "application settings" by "Notes" application.  Add "box".  Go to "Boxes" tab and click on top right corner of the "Notes" box and select "Move to Wall tab".

You will be able to set a username for your blog once you have 25 fans. To set your username, go to  Once set, you will not be able to change it and if you delete and recreate your Page, the old username will not be available again.  Make sure it's the username you want and that it's spelled correctly.  Once set, your Page can be accessed by going to[username].

Other settings
Go to "Edit Page" which can be found under the Page's picture.  Under "Wall Settings" you can change the landing tab and what's shown on your wall by default.  The default setting is that only what you post is shown on your Page's wall.  You can also set posting permissions.


  1. Cool. Send out invite to everyone. Once you have 25 fans and have set username, add link to blog and website.