Friday, November 27, 2009

Neverdry turkey

I made a whole turkey a couple times and it came out great. But, it takes a lot of time and work. One year we ate out. Another time, I baked skinless and boneless turkey breast, which didn't come out exactly like I wanted. This year, I decided to try something different. I baked two legs and turkey breast with wing.

I like stuffing and this year I used microwavable Mexican rice, which I partially cooked, mixed with duck sauce and bread. Since I couldn't stuff the turkey, I stuffed the skin, which I pulled almost off, and the rest of the stuffing I put underneath. I baked the turkey at 325 degrees, 30 minutes uncovered, 3.5 hours covered with an aluminum tent, basting every half an hour. The stuffing kept the meat from overcooking and losing moisture while keeping the skin separated and stretched, which gave it a nice brown color and made it thin and quite tasty.

I recommend always mixing the duck sauce into the stuffing. As for the turkey itself, smear the duck sauce inside and out, including under the skin. Add some water to pan to use for basting. Apples, quartered and placed around the turkey are also a good addition.


  1. Yes, but what did the turkey have to say? Arf, arf?

  2. It waved its wing and stretched its feet
    And then proceeded with a most profound soliloquy
    Alas, it was muffled by the rice
    And while produced a sound
    Was heard only by the passing dog
    Whose interests lay not in poetry
    But rather the buried bone
    Feed your listeners
    For they hear you not