Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hiragana Learning Aid

I've been learning Hiragana and I've found that grouping characters by similar appearance helped me to remember them better.

(ki) (sa) (chi) (ra)
Bottom of sa is facing in the same direction as top of s. c and h and chi come before k in ki so chi is 1 and ki is 2 and chi has 1 line and ki has 2. To remember these are similar, Sachiko has sa and chi, Sara has sa and ra, chi (Chinese) = ki (Japanese).

(ku) (he)
ku is the right part of k

(ha) (ho)
a in ha comes before o in ho so ha is 1 and ho is 2 and ha has 1 line and ho has 2

(me) (nu)
n follows m and nu is a continuation of me. Menu.

(su) (mu)
sumo misspelled as sumu and mu is a continuation of su

(ro) (ru)
u is after o and ru is a continuation of ro

(ni) (ko)
n is after k an ni looks like ko with a vertical stroke. Neko misspelled as niko.

(ma) (mo)
a is to the left and o is to the right. MoMA - Museum of Modern Art.

(ne) (re)
end of re looks like an r.

looks very much like an n

looks somewhat like a t

left side looks like a t and right like an incomplete a


  1. Why are you learning japanese???

  2. Because American TV is mostly crap and we've been watching Japanese since we got married.

  3. Still seems complicated. I'll stick to my elementary english and half broken hebrew.