Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Patterson Diet

David Patterson is doing all he can to put a stop to New Yorkers' obesity.

David Patterson wants to help you by adding an over 18% "Obesity Tax" on all non diet soft drinks and energy drinks.
He wants to increase the tax on malt and beer, beer belly begone.
A 4% tax increase on taxi rides and car rentals, David Patterson knows it's healthier to walk or ride a bike.
A 4% tax on cable, satellite and pay per view, get off your couch you couch potato.

David Patterson cares about you. Show our governor your appreciation with these Patterson Diet t-shirts, sweatshirt, bumper stickers and much more. Show him you care!


  1. While his tax may be hard on my wallet, purchasing a t-shirt that says he is hard on my wallet will not be any less hard on my wallet either.

  2. So get a button instead, they're cheaper. ;-)

  3. No no and - I'm turning 21 soon how can he raise tax on beer?

    BTS from iPhone

  4. I think Child Ish has made a salient point here.

  5. Now I'm finally gonna understand why you keep talking about Patterson.

    and I've heard of the tax on soft drinks before.

    It can be a smart thing, but kinda takes away your free choice.

  6. I hear his diet causes high blood pressure