Saturday, February 21, 2009

I know your name

Today I've had the pleasure of meeting Frum Female. Also in attendance, Childish Behavior.

It's always fun meeting the person behind the words, seeing who they are, finding out what they do.

Bloggers I've had over for shabbat meal:
Childish Behavior
Frum Single Female
Frum Punk
Frum Skeptic
La Poutine Cachere
Mike in Midwood
The Babysitter

Bloggers I've met on the streets of Brooklyn:
Jacob da Jew

Bloggers I've known from before:
Albert Gurevich
Barb Chansky
Dude with hat
Ink Stained Hands
Sally Hazel
SubWife (I've been told I know her but I've no idea who she is and she was mean enough to tell all of our mutual friends to not let the secret out)

Bloggers I'm friends with on FB but never met in person, yet:
Frum Satire
How to measure the years
Nameless Faceless


  1. hee hee. thanks mutual friends (wink wink) for not letting the secret out. :)

  2. If I ever find out who this is, it's clobbering time! :-P

    I've asked my mother and my wife, no idea who's a 30 something accountant with a 4~5 year old daughter, a son, unmarried or recently married brother and lives in Brooklyn.

  3. That's because you don't really know me. you have met me and maybe remember who the heck I am, but that's about it.

  4. Seeing as I haven't been in Brooklyn for Shabbos in something like a year, it may take a while to move "up" on that list...

  5. sub, says you. And where was this alleged meeting? Shabbatons? Sharei? KMY?

    t something or other, well, considering you write once a year, made your blog private and didn't include me in the readers list, you're more on the way out than up. :-P

    childish, not to burst your bubble, but the list is alphabetic. ;-)

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  7. i wonder who has met the most bloggers in real life? its sounds like you, moshe are probably in the lead.

  8. its like a status for bloggers to be invited to moshe's house.

    hehe :-)

    MoSHE IS AN AWESOME COOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Actually, open invitation.

    Thanks. :-D

  10. it was very cool to meet people who read my blog as well as meeting others whose blogs i read ( moshe and child ish) . its kind of funny how a seemingly anti-social act of sitting at ones computer typing can lead one to meet people one would have never met otherwise.

  11. I wouldn't call it anti-social. You actually get to find out a lot more about a person by reading a blog than face to face.

  12. I don't really blog but was by Moshe for a bloggers convention a few months ago and met a bunch of people for seudah shniya on shabbos. I think we were eatin', drinkin' and conversin' until mincha time! It was fun meeting a bunch of new people. Alan

  13. That's cool that you met frum female! It was a shabbos meal?

    I still want to do a girls blog get together...

    wow, you knew a lot of people from before.

    I didn't know TYTT had a facebook account.

    I got to take out the "THE" from my name, lol

  14. Yep, turns out she lives like 8 minutes away.

    Who else is around? And you don't wanna eat my food :-P


    Not only that, we probably saw each other at least once in my shul.

    Yep, coulda been at the top ;-)

  15. very cool

    makes me think "It's a small world after all..."

    Now the other people I want to meet don't live in Flatbush or Brooklyn, so that can be a problem.

    And lol, its nothing against you you know. It's actually funny, cause my mother decided to make honey cake so she followed a recipe, I tasted it and didn't like it. So I told her its nothing against her, its just the recipe's fault.

    very cool

    yea, too bad I didn't think of that in the beginning.

  16. Well, we wanna move so find me a place closer to ocean ave, that way you can come Friday night cause no way am I not putting honey into dafina ;-)

    And your new blog title is even worse, "The Jewish Side of The Blogger formerly knows as The Babysitter." You're like "The artist formerly known as Prince." ;-)

  17. lol, Ocean Ave is a good place I think.

    lol...that reminds me of my class I just had now. Where its about following what you want and not losing yourself. So there was a story of a guy who was some top white collar profession and he was unhappy, that he always wanted to be a clown. So what did he do, he left his millions and decided to go to clown school and became a clown and now he's truly happy :-)

  18. Cangrats to MAK on moving up on the list. ;-)