Monday, June 4, 2007


Today we went to see the doctor for Shlomik's checkup. He grew 1.5cm smarter and 1.25" taller.
He was behaving somewhat better than last time, though that could be either because his grandpa was there or because of the time past since his fun visit for a blood test. Shlomik also got a shot. Next visit is in another three months.

Shlomik hasn't had any new teeth in months. This shabbat, we found a new tooth in the front. Originally, he had four on top and three on the bottom and this was the tooth he was missing from the bottom. I was somewhat concerned about his tooth not coming out for such a long time. I asked the doctor if it was a problem. In answer, lo and behold, the doctor showed me that Shlomik actually has two back teeth that already broke through and I think he mentioned another two. Now he'll finally be able to chew his food better instead of swallowing it half chewed, if he's not too lazy.

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