Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Levitansky Family Tree

My dad's relatives made a five generation family tree for him for his birthday.
The tree starts with Nokhim Levitansky and Chaya Pevsner. The tree is primarily of the Levitansky family, but also includes Levit, Leviton, Shapera, Sorkin, Swidler, and my dad's branch, starting from his father, Ruzin. I used Family Tree Maker to enter all the data into a file and came up with over 200 people. Google and Facebook were very useful for finding contact information for my distant cousins, some of whom replied to my emails. I created a group on Facebook, "Levitansky Family," where we can all meet. The group also has a link to a PDF of the family tree, which I'm hosting on my site. I found family in NJ, TX, WI and OH.
I asked my dad to look for any old photos, hopefully going all the way back to Nokhim, so that I can scan them in and post my group. A lot of information is missing from the family tree and some of the names are probably misspelled or even wrong. I'm hoping my extended family will help me correct any mistakes and to continue expanding the family tree as the our family expands.

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