Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pony ride

On Sunday we went to the annual street fair on avenue M. The primary reason for going was to put Shlomik on a pony. We bought some things for ourselves. Bought Shlomik some toys, including maracas from a Native American stand.

Native American stands are my favorite at the fair. They always have cool music, musical instruments and clothes. We bought a sweater there for Shlomik. Last year I bouht t-shirts with wolves. This year, unfortunately, they didn't have anything with animals.

Shlomik got to ride on a pony for half a block and back and got his picture taken. He somewhat enjoyed the ride, would've enjoyed it more if he wasn't tired. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a camcorder or camera. The pictures were taken by the ride owners using a polaroid and that's why they look so bad. I'm amazed that they still use that outdated crap. The film is pretty expensive, the pictures are bad and very small. For the same money or less they can either buy very small capacity flash memory in china or have a photo printer in their car. Another solution would be to burn CDs which cost only $.10 and take less than a minute to burn. Even if customer does not have a computer, something unforgivable in this day and age, local and regional photo development shops accept any kind of media and because of the high resolution of digital cameras the resulting images can be printed as small or as big as you want.

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