Sunday, February 20, 2011

Conserving Energy

2/19 10:45pm After having no electricity in half of the apartment, no heat, no hot water and no elevator since Friday night, finally turned back on at 10:45pm.

I'm guessing the idiot super who was hired to collect money for section 8 apartments, doesn't know how to flip a breaker and was waiting for the landlord to come and do it. I was under the impression that the reason for having non-Jewish supers is that they can deal with emergency situations on shabbat.

2/20 7:55am Still no heat or hot water.

2/20 4:45pm Finally steam and hot water back on at 4:45pm.
Emailed ConEd asking them to either email me or 311 with the time when service call was placed.
Considering 2 trucks were here since morning, guessing the idiot super didn't bother calling at all and it was only landlord who called them Saturday night, if not Sunday morning.
Or maybe it was 911 who called since there was an ambulance in front of the building at the same time as when ConEd emergency truck showed up.

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