Friday, February 18, 2011

Dating profile - FAIL

  • have hazel eyes avrege wieght brown hair i love to read i like animals.i dont have a loud persanlity.i am practical by nature.and feel that sephardic tradition is very easygoing. This is what I am looking for in a mate: easygoing must be openminded and preferibly religious entire life not ball tusheva must be chalabi syrian good midot yerat shamayim must be honest
  • hi...only for siries men..Be honest be yourself that the minning of love. P.s. Only with pic... :) have a lovely day!


  1. this is someone who really needs to use spell check!

  2. should be changed to:

    slightly close minded, moderately shallow and very illiterate female (Why bother? It's not like I plan to work) is looking for a nice Syrian husband, open minded, so wouldn't mind that I had been mining for love in the wrong places before him and who would be very easy going about me quietly and very practically squandering all his money. Pic of the bank account is a must! P.S. can't figure out why the last ten guys sent the pics of their balls and tushes. Any ideas?

  3. And then they marry other dees and their kids will be, dee dee dee.

  4. Oh dear, It's like reading VIN all over again!