Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mystery Manor - African Room

African Diamond - Floor, right.
African Elephant - Top right wall.
African Mask - Right side of hut.
African Scorpion - Roof, bottom right.
Basket - Right of roof.
Bananas - Held by monkeys.
Butterfly - Right wall, center.
Crocodile Skull - In hut in fire.
Cup - On drum, front center.
Feather - On spear, right of hut.
Goggles - Right wall, bottom right.
Gun - In vase, left of hut.
Knife - Stuck in drum, floor, right.
Pineapple - In hut on table.
Pith Helmet - Floor, right.
Rhino - Left window.
Shaman Amulet - Right of roof.
Shaman Potion - On drum, front center.
Shell - Top of roof.

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